Google is celebrating India’s 72nd Independence Day with a Doodle dedicated to “Truck Art”. A common motifs seen on cargo vehicles on the Indian roads.

Today on the 15th of August 2018, India is celebrating its 72nd Independence Day.

For all Indians Independence Day is a day to remember as the people who fought the Britishers and gave up their lives to free the country from a foreign ruler.

Google said, “Today’s Doodle-featuring images of some of India’s iconic colorful plant life and mighty animals. Inspired from the Indian truck art. A long standing tradition in this 4 million square kilometer nation where truckers who live on the road, surround themselves with cheerful folk art therefour to occupy their minds during long months away from their families.”

The doodle features a tiger, an elephant and two peacocks reflecting a typical truck art seen on the roads. Lemon & chilli combo are strung together in a thread are commonly seen at merchant establishment.

Parades are held in all state capitals and district headquarters to celebrate. Indians across the country hoists the tricolour flag to mark the day.


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