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Chainsaw Man Season 2 Surprises Fans with ‘Reze Arc’ Movie Instead

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Chainsaw Man Season 2 has taken an unexpected turn, as it is now revealed to be a Chainsaw Man movie titled “Reze Arc,” focusing on the Bomb Girl segment from Tatsuki Fujimoto’s popular manga.

Unfortunately, while many fans were eagerly anticipating Chainsaw Man Season 2, there’s a slight twist! Instead of a season, the exciting continuation of Denji’s story will be coming to the big screen as Chainsaw Man – The Movie: Reze Arc. But fret not, devil hunters! This movie serves as a direct follow-up to the first season, adapting the “Bomb Girl Arc” from the popular manga.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 What to Expect jpg Chainsaw Man Season 2 Surprises Fans with 'Reze Arc' Movie Instead

All You Need to Know About Chainsaw Man Season 2

The uncertainty lies in the release schedule for Western audiences, likely lagging behind the Japanese premiere by four to six months. The first season covered the initial 38 manga chapters, so those eager to read ahead should start from chapter 39. The movie is expected to cover the explosive Bomb Girl arc (chapters 40-52) and set up the International Assassins arc (chapters 53-70) for future seasons.

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image 274 Chainsaw Man Season 2 Surprises Fans with 'Reze Arc' Movie Instead

Revealing no spoilers, the movie will heavily involve Reze, seen at the end of season 1, and explore Denji’s encounters with new allies and adversaries while facing the overarching threat of the Gun Devil. Chainsaw Man’s initial season followed Denji, who, after inheriting yakuza debt, becomes a Devil Hunter fused with Pochita to become Chainsaw Man. The season ended with the Snake Devil killing Akane, the team pursuing the Gun Devil, and the introduction of a mysterious woman.

image 275 Chainsaw Man Season 2 Surprises Fans with 'Reze Arc' Movie Instead

The Chainsaw Man movie (or Chainsaw Man Season 2) is expected to feature Denji, Makima, Power, and Aki, with Reze as a significant newcomer. The first trailer for “Reze Arc” showcases key art of Reze and Denji, hinting at a secret in Reze’s character. The movie is deemed canon to the anime’s events, continuing Denji’s saga and resembling Demon Slayer’s presentation of Mugen Train as a continuation.

The first season is available on Crunchyroll, and the Chainsaw Man movie is anticipated to release theatrically and later stream on Crunchyroll.

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  1. Is there even going to be a Season 2?

    There’s no official confirmation yet, but it’s highly likely. The anime’s popularity, strong manga sales, and unfinished story in Season 1 all point towards a continuation. Fans are waiting with bated breath for an announcement.

  2. When will Season 2 release?

    If it happens, early 2024 release seems most likely. However, production schedules and announcements can be unpredictable, so we can only wait and hope.

  3. What will the plot cover?

    Season 2 is expected to adapt the rest of Part 1 of the manga, which has 97 chapters in total. This means we’ll see Denji and the Public Safety Division tackle tougher demons like the War Devil and the Hell Devil, face even more shocking twists and turns, and probably shed a few tears along the way.

  4. Is there anything we can do to influence a Season 2 announcement?

    Absolutely! Let your voice be heard! Support the official releases of the manga and anime, engage with creators and studios on social media, and make your enthusiasm known. The more buzz there is, the more likely it is that Season 2 will become a reality.

  5. How are fans reacting to the announcement of the ‘Reze Arc’ movie?

    Fans’ reactions to the announcement of the ‘Reze Arc’ movie may vary, with some expressing excitement and anticipation for the adaptation of the popular storyline, while others may have been expecting a continuation of the second season of the anime series.


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