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Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina has spoken about him. Lets have a look at what she said


Georgina: “Ronaldo is emotionally the strongest person I’ve ever met in my life. He never lets his emotions take over him. During our last visit to Madrid, Spain, few Spanish fans came across our car. I was in tears when one of them said ‘i cant believe its the last time I’m seeing u’ but he turned it into a joke and replied I’m not dying.”



Cristiano Ronaldo1 e1473727815120 GEORGINA ON CRISTIANO RONALDO


She added “He is very strong not only physically and emotionally. He loves me, he loves his mother, he loves his family but he loves his country the most. He will do anything for his country. The only time I saw him crying was in the Euro 2016 Final, first tears of pain and then tears of joy. That was an unforgettable night. Yes he cried during the Euro 2004 Final too but at that time I didn’t know him and I’ve only seen that in pics. But yes again those tears were for his country. Those are the only two times I remember him losing to his emotions and other than that he has nerves of steel. He is a Champion.”



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