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How to change font colour in Whatsapp? Here’s a complete guide of 5 points for you

WhatsApp is a well-known messaging programme that works across all platforms. On their devices, everyone has WhatsApp. This platform is also available for all devices, including Android and iOS, as well as for PC users via the web version. These days, WhatsApp cheats are really prevalent.

Whatsapp, on the other hand, provides users with all of the essential functions. As a result, there are numerous Whatsapp font style techniques that can be used to change the writing style. However, you’ll learn how to change the colour of WhatsApp’s text in this lesson. 

How to Send Secret Font WhatsApp FixedSys font Windows WhatsApp Mac Apple iPhone Android Keyboard Send Bold WhatsApp Italics Wha 690553 How to change font colour in Whatsapp? Here's a complete guide of 5 points for you

You can only alter the font size in conversation threads in the official WhatsApp application. WhatsApp for iPhone and Android also allows you to use bold, italics, strikethrough, and Monospace text. Due to the fact that WhatsApp offers these functions. However, changing the colour of the text isn’t a possibility. You can also modify the background of a text status in the status option.


Can you believe that using a third-party programme, you can send a message and change your text status to blue? Yes, the official WhatsApp app allows you to transmit coloured text. So, here’s a quick guide to “How to Change WhatsApp Font Color.” This can be accomplished without rooting your phone.



To begin, go to the Google Play Store and download any font-changing software. In the Play Store, you’ll find a plethora of font switcher apps. So, for WhatsApp and text, download WhatsBlue text (Fancy Text Generator Pro) or Cool fonts.

Note: You may also use the Google Play Store to find additional text-generating apps.

This software, however, is not a WhatsApp official app. However, you may get this programme through the Google Play Store. Because it satisfies the Play Store’s criteria. Although the software is safe, it does include advertisements. So, go to Google Play Store and download WhatsBlue (Fancy Text + Sticker Maker).

How To Change WhatsApp Font Color e1641987820945 How to change font colour in Whatsapp? Here's a complete guide of 5 points for you

What’s Blue Text App’s features include:

Blue is the colour you can use to send a message.

It also has over 50 elegant text styles, allowing you to compose a message in a variety of ways.

Over 30 unique fonts to choose from.

30+ ready-to-use Sticker packs in a variety of categories.

You may make your own personalised stickers as well.

To freestyle draw on the sticker, do a freehand pencil sketch.

To design personalized stickers, we provided 25+ clipart packs (including happy new year, birthday, and so on).

Because it combines a stylish text generator app with a sticker creator app, this software is more utilitarian than text style. It has sticker packs pre-installed. You may also create your own custom sticker by downloading images from the internet.

It has 30+ fonts in over 20 colour variations for stickers. Furthermore, the text on the sticker can be written in any colour. It has a pencil sketch option for freestyle drawings.

You can save your custom sticker to the phone gallery after generating it with clipart packs and font colours. Sharing your art with your pals has never been easier.

images 2 How to change font colour in Whatsapp? Here's a complete guide of 5 points for you


Here are the methods to change WhatsApp font colour after installing the app:

1. From the app drawer, open the BlueWords app WhatsBlue text (Fancy Text Generator Pro) and select the “Fancy text” option. To begin writing, use the Start button.

2. Use the Whats Blue text app to compose your message. (In this app, after typing, you will see the blue colour font text; there are also many different fonts in this app.)

3. To send a message in the Blue colour font, tap on Blue Text fonts.

4. You will now be presented with three options. Text can be copied, WhatsApped, and shared. To send a message on WhatsApp, tap on WhatsApp text.

5. Once the WhatsApp programme has opened, select the buddy to whom you wish to send a message by tapping on the WhatsApp button (You can also copy text from this app to use in other messaging apps).

unnamed 1 How to change font colour in Whatsapp? Here's a complete guide of 5 points for you


Only the background colour of the text status can be changed in WhatsApp. It does, however, have certain elegant fonts, like bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace, among others. The colour of the status text, however, cannot be changed. However, you can alter the colour of your WhatsApp status type to blue with font-style programmes like WhatsBlue text. The process is outlined below.

1. Open the Google Play Store and download the WhatsBlue Text app. (On this page, there is a link.) Another programme can also be installed.)

2. Tap the Start writing button in the WhatsBlue Text app on your phone. Then, in the text field, fill in your status.

3. Now tap on the blue text to reveal three options: Copy Text, WhatsApp, and Share Text. The WhatsApp app will open after you select the WhatsApp option.

4. Next, pick My status from the drop-down menu and hit the tick mark icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

5. Your current status will now be shown in blue. Change the colour of the background as desired. (The fonts in WhatsApp’s status can be changed.) With blue typefaces, however, this option does not work. It does, however, affect the character spacing and aspect ratio of the status text.) Finally, hit the Send icon to make it a status.

hqdefault How to change font colour in Whatsapp? Here's a complete guide of 5 points for you


You can add up to 139 characters to your Whatsapp About text. Your friends or contacts will see the “About text.” You can alter the colour of the About text with Whats Blue text app.

1. To use the Fancy text feature, open the WhatsBlue app and select it. Then write your About paragraph.

2. The Copy text option appears when you tap on the blue-coloured text. To copy the text to the clipboard, tap on it.

3. Now open the WhatsApp app on your phone and touch on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner to open Settings. Then, at the top, tap on your name.

4. Now, from the right side of the About option, hit the Pencil icon. From the right side of your About text, tap the Pencil icon once more.

5. In the text field, delete the old About text and paste the new text from the WhatsBlue app. To paste text, simply tap and hold the text field area.

generatefancytext image How to change font colour in Whatsapp? Here's a complete guide of 5 points for you


The WhatsBlue Text Generator app is the best in class, however, it does have some flaws. However, there are also more options available. These programmes are available for download.

1. Keyboard+ Converter – Blue Text :

This is a keyboard and text converter that allows you to write in blue. You can use the integrated converter tool to manually change your text to blue colour. Other than that, it includes a keyboard option.

As a result, you can use it as your Android device’s default keyboard. This is a small software that works with the dark theme.

Go to Phone Settings >> Language and input » to activate the Blue Text keyboard on your Android device. Keyboard in Use >> « Choose a Keyboard Emoji Letter Keyboard should now be enabled. (Note that different Android phones have different options.)

2. Fonts that are cool :

This is a different version of Whats Blue. WhatsBlue is the same app. You must type text into the cool fonts programme, which then turns it into several styles. The text can then be copied and pasted wherever you want.

The software is only 2.3MB in size and requires Android 4.0.3 or later to run.

3. BlueWords:

Blue Words is a straightforward text-based programme that can convert letters into emojis. The software is recognised for writing letters in a blue hue, as its name suggests. It also includes 30+ different styles.

Blue letters, Thin, Round, Squared, Dirty, Underlined, Celtic, Magic, Uppercase, Dark squared, Diamonds, Jail, Classical, Parenthesis, Tropical, and more are among the letter styles offered.

maxresdefault 1 4 How to change font colour in Whatsapp? Here's a complete guide of 5 points for you


So, that’s ‘How To Change WhatsApp Font Color’ for you guys. This is a quick and simple way to send a blue-coloured message. In addition, this software has a large number of fonts. You may also use any other Google Play Store app to accomplish this. Because there are many apps that modify WhatsApp’s typeface in the Play Store.

This programme can also be used to modify the fonts on a different messaging service. Please let us know if you come across any other great font apps in the Play Store.

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