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Emma Watson Breaks the silence about she left from Harry Potter after Goblet of Fire

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At last, the secret of the Harry Potter character Hermione has been revealed by Emma Watson. It seems that after Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the actress Emma Watson has been considered to leave such a magical series. She has been told about this before, and now in this new Harry Potter, 20th-anniversary retrospective special on HBO Max, Watson, and also her other co-stars showers more light into it.

The director of Order of Phoenix David Yates said h had been informed while he had been aired the direction of the fourth film that Watson was not sure about if she wanted to make another Harry Potter film or not.

Emma Watson: Why I Almost Left the 'Harry Potter' Franchise Midway

Harry Potter: Emma Watson’s opinion on taking a break

Tom Felton who has played the role of Draco Malfoy, told people do not fully appreciate how much Watson had gone through at the time. Felton said, “ People definitely forgot what she took on, and how gracefully she did it. They had also each other. I had also my cronies. Whereas Emma was not only younger, she was  by herself,”


Especially Emma Watson said, “ I could see that at times I was lonely.”

Radcliffe also opened about the matter as well by saying neither he nor Watson or Grint spoke on these issues while making the films simply as they were so young.

See Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint reunite for Harry  Potter anniversary special

According to Radcliffe, “ We never talked about it on the film because we were all just kids. As a 14-year-old boy, I was never going to turn around to another 14 year old and be like, ‘Hey, how are you doing? Is everything OK?”

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At the time of conversation with Grint, Watson said she came at a “tipping point” from where she has been felt that “this is kind of forever now,” and that has given her pause. Grint also acknowledged that he had also such moments of feeling this way “all the way through ” the series.

Emma Watson: The Harry Potter actress you never knew starred with her  brother in Order of the Phoenix - MyLondon

In the end, Watson returned for the final and the last Harry Potter films. He said, “No one had to convince me to see it through,” and also say, “ The fans genuinely wanted you to succeed, and we all genuinely have each other’s backs. How great is that?”

You can watch the 20th anniversary Harry Potter special on HBO Max.

Here is the trailer:

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