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Best Ways to Download Instagram Reels as of May 23

The Best Ways to Download Instagram Reels in 2024: A Complete Guide

Do you enjoy watching Instagram Reels? There are times when you find a reel or video that you wish to download and carry around for subsequent watching. On the app, there are options to save Instagram Reels or Videos, but there is no ability to download them directly to your device.

This limitation can be frustrating, especially when you stumble upon content that resonates with you deeply or something you’d like to share outside of Instagram. Maybe it’s an inspiring workout, a recipe you want to try out, or a funny clip that perfectly encapsulates your sense of humor. Whatever the case, the desire to keep these videos accessible for offline viewing or sharing purposes is understandable.

Best Ways to Download Instagram Reels
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Instagram Reels offers a novel approach to creating and discovering short, captivating videos on the Instagram platform. It allows Instagram users, particularly those who are unfamiliar with the feature, to produce and edit 15-second videos using various creative tools. These reels can include both audio and visual elements to enhance their artistic appeal.

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How to save Instagram Reels?

We will simply show you how to download Instagram reels easily with minimal work:

  1. Go to Instagram on your mobile and select Reels

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  2. Choose the Reels video that you wish to save

  3. Click ‘Save’ after tapping the three-dot icon

  4. The Reel is going to be saved. You have to return to the Instagram main page in order to view saved Reels

  5. Next, tap on the icon for your profile and select the three-line icon

  6. Click Account from the Settings menu

  7. In order to view your saved Instagram Reels, tap on Saved

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How to download Instagram Reels with third-party applications for offline viewing?

  • Step 1: Notably, you may download Instagram Reels on your smartphone using a variety of third-party sites and applications. The third-party software includes iGram, Ingrammer, Clipbox, and OBS Studio, among others.
  • Step 2: Visit the specific website, copy the URL for the Instagram Reels video you want to download, and put it there in the search field.
  • Step 3: Next, go to the bottom of the page and choose the “Download.mp4” option.
  • Step 4: The reel video will be downloaded, and you can watch it whenever you wish while offline.


  1. Can we download Instagram reels on iOS?

    With the latest update, Meta has added a new capability to the Instagram app on both Android and iOS, allowing users to download their favourite Reels, also known as short videos, with just a click.

  2. Can I download my own Instagram Reels?

    Absolutely! Instagram offers a built-in download option for your own Reels. Simply open the Reel you want to save, tap the three dots in the corner, and select “Save Video.” The video will be stored in your camera roll or gallery.

  3. Are there any third-party tools to download Reels?

    While several online tools and apps claim to download Reels, using them is generally discouraged:Safety concerns: Downloading from unknown sources can expose you to malware or viruses.Violation of terms: Using unauthorized tools violates Instagram’s terms of service and might lead to account suspension.Ethical considerations: Avoid promoting unfair practices like unauthorized downloads and respect creators’ control over their content.

  4. Are there any restrictions or limitations when downloading Instagram Reels?

    Some downloaders or methods may have limitations on the number of Reels that can be downloaded per day or may restrict downloading content from private accounts. Users should review the terms of service and usage policies of the downloader before using it.

  5. How can I ensure I’m downloading Instagram Reels legally and ethically?

    To ensure you’re downloading Instagram Reels legally and ethically, always obtain permission from the content creator before downloading and sharing their Reels. Additionally, use reputable and trustworthy downloaders to avoid infringing upon copyright laws or compromising your device’s security.

  6. Where can I find more information about downloading Instagram Reels?

    Users can find more information about downloading Instagram Reels by exploring online tutorials, reading user reviews of third-party tools, and staying updated on platform policies and guidelines regarding content sharing and downloading.

  7. Is it possible to download Instagram Reels without using third-party apps?

    While Instagram does not provide a direct download option within the app, some users may be able to save Reels to their device using the built-in “Save” option. Additionally, you can try screen recording the Reels as an alternative method.

  8. What should I consider when choosing an Instagram Reel downloader?

    When choosing an Instagram Reel downloader, consider factors such as ease of use, safety and security, download quality, availability of features (such as downloading with audio), and compatibility with your device. Additionally, ensure that you’re using a reputable downloader to protect your device and respect copyright laws.

  9. Can I share downloaded Instagram Reels with others?

    Instagram’s terms of service prohibit distributing or sharing downloaded Reels without permission from the content creator. Therefore, it’s generally not recommended to share downloaded Reels publicly or with others without proper authorization.

  10. What are some safe third-party apps for downloading Instagram Reels?

    Some reputable third-party apps for downloading Instagram Reels include InSaver for Instagram (iOS), Video Downloader for Instagram (Android), and Reels Video Downloader for Instagram (Android). Always download such apps from official app stores and check user reviews and permissions before installing.

  11. Are there any risks associated with using third-party apps to download Reels?

    Some third-party apps may contain ads, require unnecessary permissions, or even pose security risks. It’s essential to use reputable apps and websites and be cautious about granting permissions.


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