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PlayStation 5 Pro: Will the CPU Deliver a Performance Boost?

Debates on the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro are heating up among players. While some are expecting a revolution, others are questioning its necessity.

PlayStation 5 Pro

This article takes a look at the latest analysis by Digital Foundry on PlayStation 5 Pro CPU and its possible effect on performance.

Limited Gains for CPU-Bound Titles

Digital Foundry, a renowned tech analysis channel, suggests that the PlayStation 5 Pro CPU, rumored to offer an improvement of 10% in performance, would not have any significant impact on games geared towards CPUs.

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These titles rely heavily on the processor’s power, and a small boost may not be enough.

image 2 16 PlayStation 5 Pro: Will the CPU Deliver a Performance Boost?

A more significant CPU upgrade, closer to a 30% increase, will likely be needed for developers who wish to implement 40FPS modes in this type of game.

This raises questions about the PlayStation 5 Pro ability to deliver real 40FPS experiences on a global scale.

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Potential for Stability Enhancements

But it’s not all doom and gloom. In existing 40FPS modes, the improved CPU of PS5 Pro could lead to more stable performance.

With the CPU upgrade, games that currently exceed 30 frames per second on PS5 base could benefit from improved performance.

image 3 20 PlayStation 5 Pro: Will the CPU Deliver a Performance Boost?

For games where the decrease in frame rates can have a significant impact on game play, this stability boost could be particularly useful.

Improved stability would nevertheless be a good addition to the users of those modes, although they may not have as large an audience.

PS5 Pro: A Necessary Upgrade?

Some are questioning the need for a PlayStation 5 Pro altogether because of limited improvement in CPU performance.

image 5 116 PlayStation 5 Pro: Will the CPU Deliver a Performance Boost?

However, as AMD leakers point out, the base PS5 could not be fully exploited by factors beyond basic processing power. These factors include homogeneous CPU and GPU designs in all manufacturers.

The Verdict: Wait and See

Details of the PlayStation 5 Pro remain shrouded in speculation, with Sony not making any official announcement. While the CPU upgrade may not be a game changer for titles that require the CPU, it could provide benefits in specific areas, such as 40FPS mode stability.

Ultimately, the PS5 Pro’s real impact will be determined by its final specifications, game development choices and how it is used by developers. As soon as more information is available, we will continue to monitor the situation and report on it.

Here are some additional points to consider for PlayStation 5 Pro

By means of features such as ray tracing, the PS5 Pro could focus more on improving graphical fidelity, which could distract from the improvements in the frame rate.

image 6 11 PlayStation 5 Pro: Will the CPU Deliver a Performance Boost?

A key factor in its success will be the price of PS5 Pro. If performance gains are marginal, consumers may be reluctant to invest in upgrading.

A continuing shortage of chips could impact the availability of PS5 Pro.

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