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PlayStation 5 Pro Enhanced Label Criteria Unveiled: 28% Faster RAM, 45% Faster GPU Confirmed

To qualify for a Sony PlayStation 5 Pro designation known as Trinity Enhanced, games must offer a Pro-exclusive display mode potentially delivering 4K resolution and a consistent 60 frames per second. A recent report by Insider Gaming indicates a revival of the Pro Enhanced label from the PlayStation 4 Pro era, signalling games that fully utilize the system’s capabilities.

PlayStation 5 Pro

More About the PlayStation 5 Pro

The PlayStation 5 Pro games will earn the designation if they offer a display mode. This mode is set to employ techniques, like PSSR for upscaling to 4K resolution maintaining 60 frames per second, and bringing in enhanced ray tracing effects.

These enhancements will be made possible by RAM (28%) and a quicker GPU (45%) compared to the model leading to a 45% performance boost and double the rendering speed. However, as per Insider Gaming reports games could also earn the Pro Enhanced title by providing one enhancement over PlayStation 5 games. These upgrades include:

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image 54 47 jpg PlayStation 5 Pro Enhanced Label Criteria Unveiled: 28% Faster RAM, 45% Faster GPU Confirmed
  • Increased target resolution for games with fixed resolutions on the console.
  • Improved maximum resolution for games with varying resolutions on the standard console.
  • Enhanced target frame rate for games aiming for a steady frame rate on the standard console.
  • Inclusion of PS5 Pro Raytracing effects.

Thus, it’s not definite that games will support both 60 FPS and ray tracing. The PlayStation 5 Pro will also see an upgrade in its CPU performance though it won’t be as substantial, as the enhancements seen in RAM and GPU. However, the upcoming enhancement is expected to bring enhancements with the console Zen 2 CPU being more compact leading to energy usage, better cost-effectiveness, and a sleeker design.

image 54 48 jpg PlayStation 5 Pro Enhanced Label Criteria Unveiled: 28% Faster RAM, 45% Faster GPU Confirmed

Even though speculations point, towards a launch of the PlayStation 5 Pro in 2024 there seems to be only moderate excitement, among developers. Rest assured we will keep you informed about any developments regarding the system. Stay tuned for all the updates.


  1. What is the significance of the PlayStation 5 Pro Enhanced label?

    The PlayStation 5 Pro Enhanced label denotes games that fully utilize the enhanced capabilities of the PlayStation 5 Pro console, offering features like improved resolution, frame rates, and ray tracing effects.

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  2. When is the rumored release date for the PlayStation 5 Pro?

    While rumors suggest a late 2024 release for the PlayStation 5 Pro, official confirmation from Sony is awaited.


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