Nvidia still bets on its Pascal Architecture with the launch of GT 1010

Nvidia is moving forwards with the company’s Ampere architecture and will not be done with it anytime sooner. However, it seems that the company is also not willing to let go of its Pascal architecture yet. The green team discretely launched a GT 1010 GPU a couple of days ago, and no one even knew about it.

First reported from Dapz‘s YouTube video, the GT 1010 GPU was spotted on the NVIDIA driver download page. TechPowerUp managed to give us the specifications of the NVIDIA GeForce GT 1010.

Here are the features of the card:

  • It is based on a GP108 GPU fabbed on the 14 nm process.
  • Has a die area of 74 mm2
  • The card is comprised of 1,800 million transistors.
  • Same as the GT 1030 with some CUDA cores disabled.
  • The GT 1010 will offer 256 CUDA cores.
  • Supports 2 GB of GDDR5 VRAM on a 64-bit memory interface.
  • The base clock of the GPU is 1,228 MHz and can boost up to 1,468 MHz.
  • Features 16 texture mapping units (TMUs).
  • 16 raster operation pipelines (ROPs)
  • TDP is rated to be 30 W (which means it can run on just PCIe power without the need for power connectors).

The availability of the GPU for OEM systems is not yet clear but Nvidia releasing the GPU all of a sudden is a bit shocking and makes you wonder which other products the company might be planning to launch.

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