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Top 7 Semiconductor Companies by Revenue in 2024

Consider how challenging it would be to conduct business or be a consumer if there were no semiconductors on the market. Even for a person, daily life would have been dull without smart devices like mobile phones, appliances, computers, games, tabs, and many more that run on chips.

The semiconductor industry has garnered attention from both the general public and investors during the rise of the IoT, AI, and 5G eras. Through the production of small and advanced technological components known as semiconductors, these businesses have significantly contributed to the global economy. Without further ado, let’s delve into the list of the top seven manufacturers.

Top 7 Semiconductor Companies by Revenue in 2024

Samsung Electronics

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Samsung holds the top spot with a market share of more than 11%. With its headquarters in South Korea, Samsung is a leading name in technology. It is renowned in the sector for developing and manufacturing cutting-edge sorts of semiconductors, including DRAM, MCP, flash, SRAM, graphics memory, mask ROM, system LSI, TFT LCD modules, etc.

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Top 7 Semiconductor Companies by Revenue

Intel is in second place, with a market share of roughly 10%. The silicon invention and development company is situated in California and manufactures electronic devices. Its product range consists of motherboard chipsets, semiconductors, ICs, non-volatile memory options, and network interface controllers.


Top 7 Semiconductor Companies by Revenue

Qualcomm holds a 7% market share. The American multinational corporation, Qualcomm is third on the list for producing and selling data transfer chips and wireless semiconductors.

SK Hynix

Top 7 Semiconductor Companies by Revenue

SK Hynix, which has a 6% market share, is ranked fourth. It is a South Korean producer and supplier of system and memory chips, including DRAM and flash memory chips.

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Broadcom Corporation 

Top 7 Semiconductor Companies by Revenue

The fifth-place holder is Broadcom Corporation, which has a market share of about 5%. This US technology company manufactures and supplies optical sensors, analogue semiconductors, and infrastructure software solutions.

Micron Technology

Top 7 Semiconductor Companies by Revenue

With a 5% market share, Micron Technology is ranked sixth. This tech company, a leader in the US semiconductor market, provides a broad range of memory products, including DRAM memory chips, 3D XPoint, and NAND memory flash.

Nvidia Corporation

Top 7 Semiconductor Companies by Revenue

About 4% of the market is taken up by Nvidia Corporation, which is ranked seventh. It is a market leader in creating graphics processors for desktop PCs and business servers. These GPUs offer top-tier performance.


  1. Which is the best semiconductor company by revenue?

    At the top of the list and dwarfing every other company by revenue share is TSMC which earned 60% (or nearly $17 billion) of the entire industry’s revenue in Q1 2023.

  2. <strong>How do global economic conditions impact semiconductor company revenue?</strong>

    Global economic conditions, including GDP growth, currency fluctuations, trade policies, and consumer spending, can influence semiconductor company revenue. Strong economic growth typically correlates with increased demand for electronic devices and semiconductor products, while economic downturns may lead to reduced spending and lower revenue.

  3. <strong>Where can I find the latest information on semiconductor companies' revenue rankings?</strong>

    Investors and industry stakeholders can find the latest information on semiconductor companies’ revenue rankings from various sources, including financial reports, industry publications, market research firms, and semiconductor trade associations. Additionally, company websites and investor relations portals provide updates on financial performance and revenue trends.

  4. <strong>How can investors stay informed about developments in the semiconductor industry?</strong>

    Investors can stay informed about developments in the semiconductor industry by following financial news websites, reading industry reports and analyst notes, monitoring company earnings calls and investor presentations, and participating in relevant forums and conferences. Additionally, keeping an eye on technological advancements and market trends can provide valuable insights into the industry’s direction and potential investment opportunities.

  5. <strong>Should investors diversify their portfolio with investments in semiconductor companies?</strong>

    Diversifying a portfolio with investments in semiconductor companies can provide exposure to the technology sector and potentially benefit from the industry’s growth prospects. However, investors should assess their risk tolerance, investment objectives, and portfolio allocation strategies before making investment decisions.

  6. <strong>What are the growth prospects for the semiconductor industry?</strong>

    The semiconductor industry is expected to continue growing over the long term, driven by increasing demand for electronic devices, ongoing technological innovation, expansion of new applications and markets (e.g., 5G, artificial intelligence, automotive electronics), and the digitization of various industries.

  7. <strong>How do changes in technology affect these semiconductor companies?</strong>

    Changes in technology, such as the transition to advanced manufacturing processes (e.g., 7nm, 5nm), new product innovations, and shifts in consumer preferences, can significantly impact the competitiveness and revenue growth of semiconductor companies.

  8. <strong>How do these companies sustain their market position?</strong>

    Sustaining market position involves continuous R&D investment, maintaining competitive pricing, adapting to market needs, vertical integration or strategic alliances, and expansion into emerging markets and technologies.


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