After launching the PUBG Xbox Bundle, Microsoft has taken an off-road to bring the new Fortnite Xbox Bundle with Exclusive Skin, V-bucks, and more

The Xbox seems to be a popular gaming console after PS4 and is now widely been used by gamers. To expand its gaming range Microsoft continuously tries to bring the latest games to the console.

Also, they bring the special Xbox bundle consoles like PUBG Xbox gaming console or Assassin’s Creed Origin Xbox gaming console, for gamers interested to play the latest games on their Xbox.


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The Xbox One S Fortnite bundle. Includes 2,000 V-Bucks and the Eon cosmetic set:


Both PUBG and Fortnite has been the most popular e-Sports gaming title up till now and is widely played by gamers worldwide. Previously Microsoft launched the PUBG Xbox bundle and now they are to bring the Fortnite gaming bundle.

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Not only the game but also this bundle will give you access to 2,000 V-bucks in-game. The gaming bundle will be based on Microsoft’s most popular Xbox One S console.

The Xbox One S is versatile to run games at 4K UHD, and the HDR mode enhances your gameplay. The Dolby Sound also makes gaming much more lifelike.



With 1TB of storage options, Xbox One has over 1,300 great games including today’s blockbusters, 200 Console exclusives, and 400 Xbox classics.

The exclusive ‘Eon’ cosmetic set, which you’ll get in the bundle, will complete with its own harvesting tool and glider. They are themed in a futuristic, robotic sort of way.


Now, Xbox focussing on Fortnite may suggest its discontinuation to PUBG eventually. Bluehole Corp, the makers of PUBG, has been targetting the PS4 that has captured most of the market share.

Well, the Fortnite Season 6 of the popular battle royale game is expected to begin on September 27. So, its time to push even harder, if you’ve still not completed all your challenges from Season 5. Pre-order your Fortnite Xbox bundle from here.


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