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How to use ChatGPT on Microsoft browser and what can we do with it? (26th September)

In recent months, ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, has become popular. Millions of users have recently been drawn in by the AI chatbot, which suddenly surfaced. Users are currently adding their names to the waiting list in order to obtain access.

Many of ChatGPT’s rivals started promoting their AI solutions on social networking sites as a result of the early success of ChatGPT. Microsoft unveiled a new Bing that is driven by Open AI’s ChatGPT in response to growing demand and in an effort to stand out from the competition. So, the topic of this essay is how to use the AI chatbot on Bing & Microsoft Edge.

How to use ChatGPT on Microsoft browser and what can we do with it?

Before going over how to use the latest tech, let’s get a few things straight. Before anything else, you must sign up for the waitlist in order to use the brand-new Bing search engine. There are numerous things you may do to access the new Bing more quickly, but there is no assurance that you will have immediate access to the AI chatbot.

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How Can You Use ChatGPT On Bing?

If you’ve de­cided to use ChatGPT on Bing, here­ are some steps to he­lp you get started. Open Microsoft Edge­ and go to the Bing homepage. You’ll se­e a screen that looks like­ the image shown. Click on the me­nu and choose “Join the waitlist.” Make sure­ you’re logged in to your Microsoft Account before­ joining the waitlist. Then, click on “Access the­ new Bing faster.”

1 29 How to use ChatGPT on Microsoft browser and what can we do with it? (26th September)

Microsoft will now request that you install the Bing app and configure Microsoft defaults on your computer. These two actions are necessary since they will shorten the waiting period. Make sure to login in using the same Microsoft account when configuring Microsoft settings and downloading the Bing app for your smartphone.

There will still be a waiting period even if you follow Microsoft’s instructions and complete the two things they require. However, you’ll get quicker access to ChatGPT. You can try the services that are already available to all users in the meantime.

You can test ChatGPT on the new Bing by using a few pre-made samples that are available. Visit bing and navigate to the Ask anything tab to test it out. A few predefined samples are available. The ChatGPT response can be found to the right of the search.

3 27 How to use ChatGPT on Microsoft browser and what can we do with it? (26th September)

How to Use ChatGPT on Microsoft Edge?

As was indicated above, you can only utilize ChatGPT on Microsoft Edge when the waiting period has finished. You can use the chatbot right now on the Edge browser if Microsoft grants you access to it. The use of Microsoft Edge’s Dev or Canary versions is the sole requirement that needs to be met. On your device, download the Dev or Canary build of Microsoft Edge from the Edge Insider Page.

Install the application, then launch it and log into your Microsoft Account. The Discover icon is located in the top-right area and should be clicked to access ChatGPT. The chat provided by Bing ChatGPT will subsequently be accessible immediately from the Discover tab. You won’t be able to use Bing search via Microsoft Edge’s Discover tab if you are still waiting, though.


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