Monday, January 30, 2023

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Microsoft Xbox CEO admits that 2022 was bad however he has high hopes for 2023

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer admitted that the console would be "light on games" by 2022. For comparison, Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios released only five new games this year, with only one being...

All about ChatGPT and OpenAI: All You Need to Know

Through a chat, the ChatGPT application can give information and respond to inquiries. ChatGPT is a conversational discourse paradigm that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to communicate. It responds to real human...

Microsoft Q2 FY23 Report shows low performance and dwindling profits amidst massive layoffs

Microsoft has just released the second quarter of its fiscal 2023 results and during the second quarter, the software company earned $52.7 billion in revenue and $16.4 billion in net income. Revenue...

Microsoft is going full heavy with its investment in OpenAI

Microsoft announced on Monday that it would increase its investment in OpenAI, betting its future on the startup and technology that gave birth to the ChatGPT chatbot phenomenon and paving the way...

Top 10 Most Valuable Brands in 2023

There is no denying the fact that some of the most valuable brands in the world are worth billions of dollars. The most valuable brands, though, are they? And what are their...

As soon as Google declares to layoff 12,000 employees, its share prices soar by 5.34%

Well, the Mountain View giant aka Google was the only one left to join the layoff party in 2023 and they recently announced to lay off 6% of their global workforce to...

Microsoft Hardware Changes Layoffs in 2023!

In a statement to employees, Microsoft revealed today that 10,000 people would be laid off and made some modifications to its product lineup. In its Q2 earnings report that will be released...

Is ChatGPT helping hackers!?

Any technology has two sides to it and artificial intelligence-driven technology is no different. In this regard, ChatGPT, a third-generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer is noteworthy. Hackers have joined on the bandwagon to...
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