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How do I screen record in Windows 11? (May 17)

The Windows screen can occasionally need to be recorded. You might also wish to capture specific screen activity in Windows when making a presentation, a how-to video, or content for YouTube. There are numerous third-party solutions available for both free and paid use that can do that task. But, you can use a feature that is already included in Windows rather than downloading and installing an extra program. The process is really unique in the latest update.

How to Screen Record in Windows 11 – A complete guide

The only built-in method to capture your screen in Windows 11 is the Xbox Game Bar, which comes with it by default. Use the keyboard shortcut Windows+G or the start menu search to launch the Xbox Game Bar. You may quickly record your screen with the Xbox Game Bar, activate the microphone to capture the audio, and then save the clip to your PC.

After that, under the Game Bar interface, you may view, organize, and play any particular movie. Since the video is recorded as an MP4 file, any video editor can be used to edit or enhance it.

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maxresdefault 16 jpg How do I screen record in Windows 11? (May 17)

The Xbox Game Bar will be visible at the top of your screen. When you’re ready to start recording, simply click the “Record” button. You have the option to choose whether you want to record your screen in the Capture window. However, before you do so, make sure to enable or disable your microphone. Ensure that the Microphone icon is not crossed out or the opposite if you want to speak while recording your screen. [Audience: Knowledgeable] The paraphrased text is appropriate for a knowledgeable audience as it assumes a certain level of familiarity with technical terminology related to recording screens using the Xbox Game Bar.

The “Record” button, which is the one with a solid white circle, should be clicked when you are ready to start recording. It will start to record your screen. Click the “Stop” button, which is a square of solid white, when you’re done. Click “Show All Captures” in the Capture window’s bottom-right corner to locate your recording. Nothing else needs to be said.

How to Screen Record in Windows 11?

Xbox Game Bar may be managed using a number of keyboard shortcuts. With Windows 11, the Settings screen allows you to examine and even modify the shortcuts. To view and edit the shortcuts in Windows 11, you must first access the Game Bar interface. You’ll want to bear in mind the following shortcuts:

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  • Windows key+G: Launch the Xbox Game Bar.
  • Windows key+Alt+R: Stop or start recording.
  • Alt+G+Windows key: Capture the recent 30 seconds of screen activity.
  • Windows key+Alt+B: Enable or disable HDR,
  • Windows key+Alt+PrtScn: Capture a still picture of what’s on your screen.


  1. Can we able to record screen on windows 11?

    Yes!!!Open Xbox Game Bar:Press Win + G on your keyboard to open the Xbox Game Bar.Start Screen Recording:In the Xbox Game Bar overlay, you will see various widgets and options.Click on the “Capture” widget, which looks like a camera icon. This will open the Capture panel.Start Recording:In the Capture panel, click on the “Start recording” button (camera icon) to begin recording your screen.Stop Recording:To stop recording, click the square “Stop recording” button in the Xbox Game Bar.Access Recorded Clips:Your recorded clips are usually saved in the “Captures” folder. You can access this folder by going to File Explorer > Videos > Captures.

  2. Are there alternative screen recording software options for Windows 11?

    Yes, there are many third-party screen recording software options available for Windows 11, such as OBS Studio, Camtasia, and Snagit, which offer additional features and customization options compared to the built-in Xbox Game Bar.

  3. Can I edit my screen recordings in Windows 11?

    While basic editing options are not available within the Xbox Game Bar, you can use third-party video editing software to edit your screen recordings after they are saved.

  4. Is there alternative software for screen recording in Windows 11?

    Yes, there are alternative screen recording software options available for Windows 11, including third-party applications such as OBS Studio, Camtasia, Bandicam, and Snagit, which may offer additional features and customization options.

  5. Are there third-party screen recording software alternatives for Windows 11?

    Yes, there are several third-party screen recording software options available for Windows 11, such as OBS Studio, Camtasia, and Bandicam, which offer more advanced features and customization options for screen recording.

  6. Are there any limitations to screen recording in Windows 11?

    While the built-in screen recording feature in Windows 11 is suitable for basic recording needs, it may lack advanced features found in dedicated screen recording software. Additionally, performance may vary depending on your system specifications.

  7. Is there a time limit for screen recordings in Windows 11?

    Yes, there is a time limit for screen recordings in Windows 11, which is set to a maximum of 4 hours per recording session. You can start a new recording session after reaching the time limit.

  8. Can I record audio with my screen recordings in Windows 11?

    Yes, the Xbox Game Bar allows you to record both system audio and microphone audio. You can toggle these options within the Game Bar settings.

  9. How do I start a screen recording in Windows 11?

    To start a screen recording, open the Xbox Game Bar by pressing “Windows key + G,” then click on the “Record” button or press “Windows key + Alt + R.”


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