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Intel Arrow Lake-H CPUs Unveiled: Next-Gen Architecture and Graphics Advancements

Harukaze5719 recently uncovered the listing of the Intel Arrow Lake-H sample in a shipping manifest, shedding light on minute details about the anticipated CPU core configuration. The Arrow Lake-H SKU is set to boast 6 Performance cores based on the advanced Lion Cove architecture and 8 Efficiency cores utilizing the Skymont architecture.

Notably, the lineup will also incorporate 2 LP E-Cores expected to embrace the Crestmont architecture, a technology shared with the E-Core system in Meteor Lake. This adoption, however, may slightly curtail the VPU capabilities of Arrow Lake compared to Lunar Lake, which is anticipated to feature Skymont E-Cores on both E and LP E-Cores.

The All New Intel Arrow Lake-H CPUs

In addition to insights into the CPU architecture, the manifest reveals the presence of “GT2” graphics for the 2nd Gen Core Ultra “Arrow Lake” CPU. Typically associated with mainstream integrated GPUs, the GT2 designation is a departure from the norm for Arrow Lake-H CPUs, as they are slated to incorporate the “Xe-LPG Plus.” This variant includes dedicated XMX units, promising advancements in Intel’s upscaling technologies.

The shipping document also draws attention to Meteor Lake, indicating that Intel, often referred to as Team Blue, is preparing for its launch on December 14. A brief overview of Arrow Lake-H highlights its next-generation Lion Cove P-Core and Skymont E-Core architecture, with the compute tile manufactured on the Intel 20A process node and the GPU expected to be crafted on the TSMC 3nm process node. Particularly noteworthy is the introduction of a dedicated VPU, commencing with Meteor Lake, signaling exciting possibilities in the generative AI sector at the consumer level.

Although Intel’s Arrow Lake-H CPUs are nearly a year away from their official launch, many details about the lineup are still forthcoming. Despite these gaps, the current information suggests that the lineup holds significant promise for consumers, particularly those seeking top-notch performance efficiencies from their System on Chip (SoC). As developments unfold, Arrow Lake-H appears poised to deliver a robust computing experience, aligning with Intel’s commitment to innovation in the semiconductor industry.


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