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FREE GIVEAWAY: Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro license FREE for first 500 people

IObit, the world’s leading system utilities and security software provider, released their flagship Windows tool, Advanced SystemCare 16. Advanced SystemCare 16 is an all-in-one PC utility with full-scale enhanced features that can deeply clean junk files, quickly boost startup, as well as powerfully safeguard privacy in one click, which can always maintain a cleaner, smoother, and safer Windows PC for millions of users worldwide.

Computers get slow due to the accumulated large number of useless, temporary, and duplicate files over time. It’s a headache problem for many users to deal with these files that cause the PC starts to slow down. Thankfully, cleaning up these junk files thoroughly with an easy-to-use tool is a great idea to let old PC breathe a new life.

Advanced SystemCare 16, with optimized and AI-powered algorithms, can do it for users easier to remove junk files to speed up old PC. Based on users’ cleaning and optimizing habits and the PC’s performance status, it can make a personalized scan and fix solution for each PC that makes it a tool that does not need to learn. Junk File Clean and Privacy Sweep can detect and cleanups more junk files, temporary files, and privacy traces that are left behind by windows processes, and program processes like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Spotify, etc.  

Advanced SystemCare 16 is also an unmissable choice to fix old computers stuck and slow to respond. It offers plenty of multiple built-in features to speed up PC and internet in seconds. Startup Optimizer with the expanded database can not only disable unnecessary apps and services but also disable Windows apps that launch at startup to make the PC boot faster. The Anti-Tracking, Anti-Spyware, and Surfing Protection in the ‘Protect’ module have all been optimized to easily detect and remove privacy traces and threats timely for a smoother and safer surfing experience.  Furthermore, the database of Software Updater has been expanded to keep more popular software up-to-date to reduce PC security risks in the Windows system. 

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Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro

What’s new in Advanced SystemCare 16?

  • Privacy Sweep strengthens the cleanup of 30+ software and adds cleaning for plenty of popular software: Adobe Reader, AOL Instant Messenger, Snagit, etc.
  • Junk File Clean newly supports Avira System Speedup and enhances the cleanup of Chrome, Amazon Kindle, Spotify, etc.
  •  Anti-Spyware with the enlarged database can remove more threats to better protect your system
  • Brand-new Surfing Protection engine and revamped database make you surf safer and not be bombarded with annoying ads
  • Startup Optimizer with expanded database newly supports Windows apps to make your PC boot faster
  • Software Updater newly supports updating more popular software, such as NoMachine, WizFile, LogMeIn Hamachi, SumatraPDF, oCam, Krita, and FlashBoot
  • Performance Monitor adopts the latest world-renowned temperature acquisition technology for more accurate temperatures
  • Anti-Tracking enhances the automatic privacy cleanup to remove privacy traces more timely
  • Plenty of improvements in UI and usability for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience
  • Fixed the occasional inconsistency in the scan results of outdated software and drivers  
  • Supports 37 localized languages
  • And more can be discovered by you

Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one yet easy-to-use utility to clean, speed up, and protect your PC, as well as guard your privacy.

2.Scan Manual Mode FREE GIVEAWAY: Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro license FREE for first 500 people

Extremely Easy to Use

With the clean, intuitive, and informative UI, Advanced SystemCare can be easily navigated without a second thought, even for beginners. Besides, the flexible and customizable settings make everything within your reach and control.

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Clean Your PC with 1-Click

Your computer may accumulate a large number of useless, temporary, and duplicate files over time. Want to clean them to help your old PC breathe a new life? The powerful 1-click AI Mode can do it for you easily. Based on your cleaning and optimizing habits and your PC’s performance status, it can make a personalized scan and fix solution for your PC.

While, if you want to take control and decide how to clean and optimize your computer by yourself, you can choose the comprehensive Manual Mode. It allows you to tune up your PC freely according to your special needs, including sweeping privacy traces, removing spyware, cleaning up junk files, leftovers, invalid/broken registry entries, and invalid shortcuts, updating outdated programs and drivers, accelerating Internet speed, fixing disk errors, system weaknesses, and security holes, and enabling antivirus & firewall protections.

Speed Up Your PC and Network

Is your computer stuck or slow to respond? Are you suffering from sluggish file downloading or video streaming? It’s time to make some changes now.

Advanced SystemCare is your unmissable choice. It delivers plenty of features to speed up your PC and accelerate your Internet, for example, disabling unnecessary startup items to make your PC boot faster; stopping unnecessary program processes, scheduled tasks, and background services to make your PC run smoother and respond faster; monitoring system resources like RAM/CPU/Disk usage, CPU/GPU/Mainboard temperature, and fan speed in real-time, and lets you quickly end the processes with high RAM/CPU/Disk usage to boost your PC.

Updating hardware drivers to avoid system crashes, freezing screens, and device issues; updating outdated software to eliminate security vulnerabilities and to let you enjoy those software’s latest features at the earliest time; and accelerating your network and browsers in an all-around way to make you surf online free and free you from being bombarded with annoying ads.

8.Protect FREE GIVEAWAY: Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro license FREE for first 500 people

Protect Your System and The Data You Care About

In addition to cleaning up and speeding up your PC, Advanced SystemCare also secures your computer system. It helps you easily enable antivirus & firewall protections to protect your system against viruses or attacks. The Anti-Spyware feature with a huge database can detect and remove various threats, not only the widespread ones but also the emerging and hidden ones.

Do you think Advanced SystemCare only protects your system? No! It also cares about your personal data because it knows your privacy is the top priority. It can create a safer world for you by clearing your privacy traces including saved passwords, disguising your online identity and activities to avoid digital fingerprints being stolen, blocking unauthorized access to your sensitive data, preventing phishing scams, suspicious emails, and annoying ads, and even alerting you about homepage & search engine modifications.

20+ Handy Tools

If you think Advanced SystemCare only has the features above, you may not know it fully. It still offers 23 effective tools, such as Smart RAM which monitors memory usage and releases them automatically, Internet Booster which optimizes the network settings and popular browsers like Firefox, Edge, and Opera to accelerate the Internet connection, Win Fix which analyzes system issues and fix them, FaceID which catches the intruders who secretly access your PC and informs you, Large File Finder which locates the big files that occupy your valuable disk space and helps you delete the useless ones easily, and DNS Protector which prevents malware from modifying your system DNS settings.

In short, Advanced SystemCare is a capable, flexible, and reliable PC utility with tangible benefits for both old and new PCs. It can help you unlock the full potential of your PC and deliver you an unprecedented experience of a faster and safer PC.

FREE GIVEAWAY: Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro license FREE for first 500 people

GIVEAWAY: Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro license FREE for first 500 people

Exclusively for our readers, we are giving away the Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro license for FREE for the first 500 people.

App download link:  https://www.iobit.com/en/advancedsystemcarefree.php

License key: 7D639-0FA1B-9636F-DD11N

License info: 6-month licenses for the first 500 devices to activate

Giveaway version: V16.0.1

Regular price: $44.98

Supported OS: Win11/Win10/Win8/Win7

Update policy: Free updates during the subscription

How to get the freebie:
Step 1: Download and install the v16.0 program.
Step 2: Copy and paste the key to the “Enter code” tab.
Step 3: Click “Activate”.

File Size: 48.9MB

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