Monday, August 15, 2022

Tag: Arrow Lake

Intel rumoured to ditch TSMCs 3nm GPUs in favour of tGPU for its 15th Generation Arrow Lake

OneRaichu, who has an unmatched track record when it comes to Intel leaks, appears to be saying that 3nm GPUs may not be used at least until the 15th Gen Arrow Lake...

Intel set to launch its 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs In 2023 with 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPUs following up in 2024

Intel will release its 13th Generation Raptor Lake CPUs in the coming months, but the rumor mill is already buzzing about the 14th Generation Meteor Lake and 15th Generation Arrow Lake CPUs,...

Intel 15th Generation Arrow confirmed to go head-to-head against Apple’s 14-inch Premium MacBook Laptop’s

AdoredTV has revealed an essential roadmap of Intel's next-gen mobility platform, including the 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPU family. According to the roadmap, Intel is going all out with its next-gen mobility...

Intel reveals latest for its Client & Server CPU Roadmap

Intel also unveiled its updated client and server CPU roadmap, which includes its Core and Xeon CPUs, in addition to its graphics refresh. Intel's latest Technology roadmaps and milestones provide an overview...

Intel’s ‘Royal Era’ Cores could leave Apple’s and AMD’s competitors in the dust

The latest leak posted by Moore’s Law is Dead reveals the future ‘Royal Core’ era which will start with the release of the company’s Lunar Lake & further extend to Nova Lake...

The latest leak reveals upcoming future three CPU families of silicon giant Intel

Internet is filled with rumors and Intel is one organization that will have a plethora of leaks on an average basis. Sometimes I feel like their servers and sensitive information is stored...
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