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Dying Light 2 Review: Are you ready to Stay Human?

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  • The sound quality is top-notch
  • Graphics are very detailed and gameplay is smooth
  • The idea of using common weapons is a rare thing and a new experience.
  • The menu of the game is very classified and well defined.
  • The game faces minor loading issues and freezes sometimes.
  • The story can be anticipated easily.

The plot of Dying Light 2 took place after many years of the disastrous zombie apocalypse that occurred in the previous version of the game. Explorers in this zombie apocalyptic world are known as a pilgrim.

dying light2new 1

This year of dying light made huge changes in both graphics and mechanics as always Techland did a fine job on their sequel. Dying Light 2’s a great success already its almost 8/10 rated and players are loving the game and the dangerous zombie aura provided.

It’s almost a month since it’s been released and it got so much rating and love from the fans hope the game does well in the future too.

dying light15new

At starting of this Dying Light 2, there will be one character that will guide you through the controls and give you a quick tutorial about certain things. Medicines can be crafted using herbs that you will find as you progress.

Crafting the menu is an important aspect of this game and it’s always a challenge to get all the stuff needed in a zombie apocalyptic world. Also, the skill menu is quite impressive this year it’s quite detailed and clean, wisely use skill points according to your requirements. There are two divisions of skill point parkour and common.

dying light7new

Make sure to look out for your weapon health in the weapon menu if the health bar of your particular weapon gets depleted that means it will break soon so better find a new one before it gets broken. While jumping from a building or a high place you will see a whiteboard with x drawn on it, jump on it, that will deal zero fall damage.

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There are mainly two types of zombies you will see at the beginning, Howler and biters. Howler will call and attract other zombies towards their enemy while biters use the howler’s information to bite or attack you.

dying light19new

The only thing that makes it special from other zombie games is that it uses melee weapons instead of high-tech weapons and parkour. The Parkour of the game is damn good and it’s been a while since I am playing this game and I loved it it’s better than previous games.

Dying Light 2 has a very realistic view towards the zombie apocalypse, it will be hard to find automatic rifles or shotguns usually in homes so it gives us a taste of a zombie game with using everything in our surroundings that are capable of being used as a weapon like a pipe, rod, hammer, etc.

Dying Light 2

Graphics are quite impressive in this game and this game gives a greenery view towards the environment. Texture quality of the environment including grass and water quality are very well developed. The sound of the game is crisp and clear.

As you know the sound quality of horror games usually has great quality otherwise they won’t be able to scare their audience in a sophisticated manner the mechanics of the game are very impressive and the parkour is quite smooth with almost no glitches.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human launches on GeForce NOW's second anniversary

In the end, I will say that it’s a game worth playing, you will enjoy it if you are a zombie game fan or if you are not still you can enjoy the game. It’s a huge success in my opinion and worth trying.

Dyling Light 2 Review - Ryzen 7 5800X + RTX 3070

If you look at the performance of the game with modern GPUs like NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti, you will see both at 1440p and 1080p you get solid performance even with Ray tracing enabled. However, we would be waiting for DLSS to come into the game and bring even more FPS with minor to no loss in image quality.

Buy the game from here:

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The plot of Dying Light 2 took place after many years of the disastrous zombie apocalypse that occurred in the previous version of the game. Explorers in this zombie apocalyptic world are known as a pilgrim. This year of dying light made huge changes...Dying Light 2 Review: Are you ready to Stay Human?

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