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Apex Legend’s new Season Savior is here: All You Need to Know

Apex Legend’s new season Savior is now live. In this season of Apex Legend, they introduce a new agent, give a new look on the map storm point, and give some balanced updates.

Screenshot 288 Apex Legend’s new Season Savior is here: All You Need to Know

New Legend-Newcastle

In this season we have a new legend named Newcastle. He defended the small town of Harris Valley and makes it like heaven for the people of that town. Now to continue defending his home, he will have to prove himself among Legends in Apex.

Passive: Retrieve the wounded- Drag allies as you revive and protect them with your Revive Shield.

Tactical: Mobile Shield- Throw a controllable drone that creates a Moving energy shield

Ultimate: Castle Wall- Leap to an ally or target area and slam down, creating a fortified stronghold.

Screenshot 291 1 Apex Legend’s new Season Savior is here: All You Need to Know

Map Rotation

The map rotation for the season for the Saviors will be Storm point, Olympus, and World’s Edge. Now they removed the longer 2-hour rotation block.

Map Update

In this new season Storm point gets its first map update, they added new features and map content but there is nothing they subtracted. They added a brand new PvE (player vs environment) feature, IMC Armories, at four strategic locations around the map.

Screenshot 289 Apex Legend’s new Season Savior is here: All You Need to Know

Balanced Updates

Fortified Legends no longer reduces headshot damage.

Flatline and Longbow are now floor loot and Rampage and R-301 going into a crafter.

Eva-8, Bow, Flatline, P2020, and Spitfire are now Gold Weapons.

Bug Fixes

Fix for players inside of Bangalore smoke unintentionally getting aim assist on targets outside of smoke.

Fixed bug where Valkyrie could no longer use Jumptowers if she has been previously shot down during her ultimate.

Fixed bug where finishers are not counted as damage towards challenges.

Fixed volt animation effect when the player crouched and fired.

Read The full patch notes at-https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/apex-legends/news/saviors-patch-notes


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