Saturday, November 27, 2021

Samsung took the corporate jokes too far by mocking the late Apple co-founder in their latest App description

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The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is epic and who doesn’t know that the South Korean tech giant’s favourite form advertisement of its products is mocking its Cupertino-based rival, Apple.

Both, Samsung and Apple have been traditional rivals in the mobile space, and offer products that compete across most segments. It’s no surprise that the two will often take a jab at each other for their uncanny products advertisements, and sometimes the fun goes too far.

The recent case of Samsung mocking Apple has garnered un-wanted heat on Social Media towards the South Korean-based tech giant. As revealed on Twitter by user Yahia Sayed, it appears Samsung included a snarky reference to late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in a description on its official most-it web app.

The description reads:

“Samsung users are all unique and they like their phones to be unique too. No turtleneck wearer should dictate how your phone looks. Check out a few of the other themes….”

Boy, this time, it’s way over the line. Although Samsung does not mention the name of the Apple co-founder, it’s a pretty heavy-handed reference.

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The description is on an iOS web app designed to give users a taste of Samsung’s UI, and who doesn’t know that Jobs was known for wearing turtle-necked tops.

This jab is at one of the most brilliant minds and towards someone who revolutionized the smartphone market is un-excusable. And even if we accept it as corporate foolery, the fact that the subject is dead—and the circumstances of his death—may make it a bitter pill for some to swallow.

#Samsung has gone too far. This kind of marketing is the worst I’ve ever seen in a company on Earth. Sammy? Mocking a dead man? This makes me regret every second of using my Samsung phone by now. Thread. ????

— Yahia Sayed (@_YahiaSayed_) August 22, 2021


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