Apple Glass will interpret user’s eyes to track their attention

As we all are aware that Apple is already busy in created an AR Glass, we have another exciting update for you. The US tech giant has filed a special and intriguing patent related to their AR-based wearable with USPTO’s official repository. This patent is named “Utilization of Luminance Changes to Determine User Characteristics”.  You can view the patent here.

This patent gives us a suggestion that Apple plans to measure changes in a user’s eyes as a signal if the user is actually interested in viewing that content or not. This means if some content is being played on your AR glass, the way you are viewing that content will give the wearable a hint if you are keen to see more of that content or not. 

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Based on that measurement the brightness of the content which is being displayed will be adjusted. Also, the content can be changed automatically altogether if it is understood that they are not interested in watching that. 

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The patent which Apple has filed says “identify a state of a user (e.g., attentive, distracted, mind wandering, etc.) based on the user’s physiological (e.g., pupillary) response to luminance change events in which a portion or all of the content quickly becomes brighter or dimmer.”

It has to first of a kind product that interprets the physiological responses of the user and alters itself accordingly. According to the patent, the pupil of users will act as an important indicator. The device will have sensors that will detect the movements of the pupils of a user’s eyes. 

These sensors will see if the pupils are contracted or dilated when the user is viewing the content. Apple speaks “if the luminance of the content increases while the user is attentive and engaged, the pupillary response may be slower and smaller in magnitude.” With help of this, Apple is preparing to deliver the best experience to the user. 

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