Apple iPhone 12 Mini, the cheapest model in the series, to ship in three storage variants

Rumours are already getting confirmed as we are nearing the launch rapidly. The Apple iPhone 12 series pricing was leaked recently and the whole internet has been taken in a wave. We have seen the pricing that started from mid-range totally blowing up to flagship pricing, even the topmost version might have a higher price range this time after comparing with the previous iPhone 11 Pro Max’s top version.

Moving towards the iPhone 12 Mini we know that this phone will be the first Mini version of any mainstream series of Apple iPhone with a 5.4″ screen size. This time the company has planned differently making a Mini version, the base price of the smartphone series will come down to some mid-range segment attracting a larger scale of customers to invest in their first Apple device. Until now the price of the iPhone devices was ranging from upper mid-range to a flagship level, needless to say, the quality of every device was seriously maintained and upgraded in every upcoming new series.

As we have seen in the previous price revealing article the iPhone 12 Mini will come with a 64GB base storage variant pairing with 4GB RAM and likewise the rumoured price has also tagged along for $649. Needless to mention this variant will be followed by a 128GB variant and a top 256GB storage option. Well, the price rises accordingly where, 128GB variant will carry a price tag of $699, and the 256GB variant will carry a price tag of $799.

Now the pricing strategy set up by the company is quite interesting if the recent price revealed is not fake. The base variant of the iPhone 12 Mini starts from $649 bringing down the base pricing of the iPhone 12 series by name. While this variant is attracting more customers the pricing of the top model of the Mini version, which is the 256GB variant, with a price tag of $799 collides with the 128GB variant of the iPhone 12. This will also encourage the customers who were willing to go for the 256GB variant of the Mini version to re-think and sidewise reconsidering the 128GB variant of the vanilla version of the series.

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