One of the most popular game since 2013 is undoubtedly GTA V and when speculations are arising of the game’s next instalment to come next year, Epic Games has declared it free. From its inception in 2018 Epic Games Store has rolled a number of games for free.

Having distributed Square Enix’s Just Cause 4 to the public, they are planning for an even bigger giveaway. According to the deleted tweet from Epic Games Store which was captured by Twitter user @Wario64, the official account of Epic Games Store has confirmed in a short video that they will be giving away Grand Theft Auto V for free on their platform.

You’ll be able to redeem the game for free on PC and keep forever till May 21st, a countdown timer on the Epic Game Store page of the launcher shows a ‘mystery game’ to be coming along with Death Coming, another title that can be redeemed for free, provided you have 2FA enabled on the platform.

Grand Theft Auto V will be free to download on Epic Games Store

This can be a game changing move by Epic Games Store because GTA V has been the most popular game ever with a strong multiplayer community. With loads of singe-player campaigns and hours worth of gameplay, this game is the perfect companion for lockdown days, this is a quite a surprising move for Rockstar games as well.

Head out to Epic Games Store to get ready to redeem GTA V for free!!!

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