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GTA VI Release Date Falling Behind: Postponed to 2026?

We have got the latest update on the GTA VI release date and we are not sure if you will like it or not. Just a few months ago, in December, after years of rumours, leaks and speculation, Rockstar finally revealed its GTA VI release date.

Rockstar shared the first teaser of Grand Theft Auto VI with its broad release date upto the year 2025. However, now it seems like the game is falling behind its release date and might slip into the next year.

Well, it was kind of disappointing for the players who were eagerly waiting for the game to come out soon. I want to know what has caused this delay and whether it was confirmed or not in the first place. That’s why we are here, so let’s dig in.

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GTA VI Release Date Postponed

Last year, after years of waiting, players finally received the official announcement of the GTA VI release date. They were on cloud nine, and we can see that in the record-breaking popularity of the GTA VI teaser video on YouTube.

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GTA VI release date was, at that set in 2025, but now it seems like that the game might get postponed. This speculation has stemmed from a new report from Kotaku that claims that the current goal of Rockstar is to get GTA VI as soon as possible.

However, the production is falling behind where it needs to be, and because of this, the GTA VI release date can slip. For now, the postponement is expected for late 2025 or early 2026.

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Moreover, apparently postponing the GTA VI release date to 2026 can be an emergency plan for now. But as we all know, emergencies can happen anytime with any game and at any stage of development.

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So, we can’t be sure of anything, unless it’s officially confirmed. However, for now, it doesn’t seem like there are any changes in the plans for PR rollout for GTA VI.

But, according to someone from inside the company, decisions about the release date are usually made in the last few minutes. So, we can say that once again we are in the middle of reports, speculations, rumours, and leaks.

And, like always, the company is silent and doesn’t comment on anything. But we can say one thing for sure:.

To get the GTA VI release date on time, Rockstar is mandating a full – time return to office for all employees. However, the reasons given for this are security and for quality – assurance. Employees are even fearing that the company might pull again previous condition of overworking.

Well, what we can say is that, for now, nothing is certain. We can just hope that the GTA VI release date goes as planned. Stay tuned for more updates on the GTA VI release date.


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