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Reported: GTA VI trailer 2 may be introduced soon exhilarating the gaming community

The news that GTA VI may be dropping their 2nd trailer soon, exhilarates the gaming community to the next level, as it is the most anticipated game all of the gaming community is waiting for. According to the latest rumours GTA VI may be dropping their 2nd trailer in May 2024.

GTA VI trailer 2 may be introduced soon exhilarating the gaming community

The 1st trailer of GTA VI had shattered the record for YouTube’s most-viewed trailer launch of all-time on Monday, according to YouTube, raking in more than 93 million views in 24 hours. So, we can expect that trailer 2 of GTA VI will be blowing the internet.

A well-known Grand Theft Auto fan account on “X”, @GTAVI_Countdown, has emerged as a significant voice in the ongoing speculation. According to this source, there is a chance that Rockstar Games may be dropping their 2nd trailer of GTA 6 in May 2024.

Industry insiders anticipate that both Take-Two and Rockstar Games aim to launch GTA 6 before April 2025. The second trailer could align with Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, which will make their final quarter earnings call may be a strategic approach according to Sportskeeda. So, they might also release a new video before the upcoming proceedings.

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  1. <strong>When will GTA VI trailer 2 will be released?</strong>

    GTA VI trailer 2 may be introduced in May 2024.

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