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The Consultant: Everything You Need to Know about the Incredible Dark-Comedy Thriller Series 

Christoph Waltz has appeared in another top comedy thriller series titled ‘The Consultant’. This is mainly an upcoming dark comedy thriller that makes Academy-Award-winning actor the most unsettling performance.

This is true that those are definitely such big words for the man who has played some of the most depraved characters in the cinematic era., the first look of Waltz to be a sinister and cult character unveils in Prime Video’s new dark comedy thriller show as the term “boss from hell” 

The Consultant

In this new trailer, we met Regus Patoff who has brazenly cutthroat about the new consultant for that top application-based based gaming company named CompWare. After the appearance of the suicide of their CEO, the company just has fallen into the hands of Patoff who has a very particular way to handle things. From the jump, he has instructed all the employees who have continued work from home to appear at the office for an hour or lose their jobs, and it has cut a beloved employee from that roster after simply not fonding his scent.

It seems that the patoff has appeared unsettlingly very cool, calm, and definitely collected for lurking just below the surface that may prove very deadly. After such little dig up, the employees have discovered that there are many such new temporary bosses that may not be who he has actually said, putting them on the crash course along with the disaster having a fight for their loves. 

con2 The Consultant: Everything You Need to Know about the Incredible Dark-Comedy Thriller Series 

The Consultant: Cast 

The new series was just led by Brittany O’Grady, Nat Wolff, Aimee Carrero, Michael Charles Vaccaro, and Dloanne  Avery. In this, we have already seen much of the production as the trailer has promised such bone-chilling moments getting paired along with the satirical commentary on those modern-day workplaces having killer performances having an A-list cast. 

In this, the audiences hold Servant creator Tony Basgallop for credit the dreaming up those latest shows, and with the Apple TV+ having hit thriller just under the belt, we have even more of an idea about what to be expected from The Consultant. This Basgallop also has served as the executive producer alongside the three-time Emmy nominee, Matt Shakman who is a big fan of marvel set to recognize for his directorial eye behind the masterfully crafted show, Wanda vision. On filling those executive production team having Waltz, Steve Stark, and Andrew Mittman along with Kai Dolbashian. 

Following the Bentley Little 2015 novel, The Consultant has promised for keeping the audiences guessing and try to solute the mystery behind the life of Regus Patoff alongside the unfortunate employees. 

The Consultant: Release Date 

Amazon Prime Video has confirmed that the series will hit on 24th February 2023. 

Here is the trailer: 

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