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Rebel Moon Part 1 and 2 OTT Release Date: All details about the Trailer, Cast, Plot, Expectations, and Latest Updates!

In a grand cinematic endeavor set to captivate audiences across the globe, visionary director Zack Snyder is poised to unveil his latest creation, a captivating sci-fi saga titled “Rebel Moon.” Set against a backdrop of war, power, and destiny across different worlds, this epic narrative promises to be a thrilling journey through the cosmos, blending science fiction and fantasy in a unique and enthralling way. With a star-studded cast, breathtaking visuals, and a narrative that spans across two parts, “Rebel Moon” is gearing up to be a monumental addition to the realm of science fiction cinema.

Rebel Moon Part 1 and 2 OTT Release Date and Trailer

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The anticipation surrounding “Rebel Moon” has been building, and now the wait is nearly over. The first part of this epic saga, titled “A Child of Fire,” is set to make its exclusive debut on Netflix on December 22, 2023. This will be followed by the release of the second part, titled “The Scaregiver,” which is scheduled to premiere on April 19, 2024. Netflix has already unveiled an official trailer that offers a glimpse into the captivating world Snyder has crafted.

Plot and Expectations

“Rebel Moon” introduces us to a mysterious young woman portrayed by the talented Sofia Boutella. As the central protagonist, she embarks on a quest of utmost importance – assembling a group of skilled and diverse warriors. Their mission is to stand united against an impending invasion orchestrated by the tyrannical ruler, Regent Balisarius. This sets the stage for an intergalactic conflict that spans different worlds, filled with laser battles, articulate robots, extraordinary creatures, and captivating action sequences.

At the heart of the narrative lies the journey of redemption for the rebel leader Kora, played by Sofia Boutella. After years of serving under the oppressive Mother World government, she seeks to defend her home, the titular rebel moon Veldt. Kora’s recruitment efforts led her to assemble a team of warriors from various backgrounds, each with their unique skills and stories. As they join forces to combat the Imperium, led by the cruel Regent Balisarius, they must confront their pasts and overcome the horrors they once stood for.

The anticipation surrounding “Rebel Moon” is heightened by the fact that Zack Snyder’s visual storytelling prowess is expected to shine in this new universe. Drawing inspiration from his deep admiration for “Star Wars” and Akira Kurosawa’s cinematic works, Snyder aims to infuse this epic with his signature style while introducing audiences to a world that’s both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

Star-Studded Cast

The ensemble cast of “Rebel Moon” is nothing short of impressive. Notable names include Charlie Hunnam, Djimon Hounsou, Ray Fisher, Anthony Hopkins, Ed Skrein, Michiel Huisman, Doona Bae, Jena Malone, Staz Nair, E. Duffy, Charlotte Maggi, Cleopatra Coleman, Cary Elwes, Corey Stoll, Sky Yang, and more. This star-studded lineup promises a blend of seasoned talent and rising stars, each contributing to the depth and richness of the characters they portray.

Origin and Vision

“Rebel Moon” was originally conceptualized as a proposal within the “Star Wars” universe. However, as Zack Snyder worked on his 2021 Netflix project “Army of the Dead,” he transformed this concept into an original creation, a testament to his creative vision and dedication. With a deep understanding of science fiction and a love for epic storytelling, Snyder set out to create a universe that pays homage to the genre’s classics while forging its unique path.

A New Era of Sci-Fi Saga

As the release dates for “Rebel Moon” Part 1 and Part 2 draw near, fans of science fiction and epic storytelling are in for a treat. With a visionary director at the helm, a stellar cast bringing the characters to life, and a plot that promises intergalactic battles, redemption, and heroism, “Rebel Moon” is poised to usher in a new era of sci-fi saga. The anticipation is palpable, and the countdown to December 22, 2023, begins as audiences prepare to embark on a journey across different worlds, where war, power, and destiny collide in a symphony of cinematic brilliance.

Rebel Moon: Part One Movie Details

DirectorZack Snyder
ProducerDeborah Snyder
Wesley Coller
Zack Snyder
Eric Newman
CastSofia Boutella
Charlie Hunnam
Michiel Huisman
Djimon Hounsou
Doona Bae
Ray Fisher
Cleopatra Coleman
Jena Malone
Ed Skrein
Fra Fee
Anthony Hopkins
CinematographyZack Snyder
EditorDody Dorn
MusicTom Holkenborg
Production CompanyThe Stone Quarry
Grand Electric
Movie DistributionNetflix
Screen PlayingZack Snyder
Kurt Johnstad
Shay Hatten
Release DateDecember 22, 2023
Budget$166 million (Part One & Two Combined)
Country United States


  1. When will “Rebel Moon” Part 1 and Part 2 be released?

    “Rebel Moon” Part 1, titled “A Child of Fire,” is set to premiere on Netflix on December 22, 2023. Part 2, titled “The Scargiver,” is scheduled to debut on April 19, 2024.

  2. Is “Rebel Moon” an original creation or part of an existing universe?

    “Rebel Moon” was initially conceptualized as a proposal for the “Star Wars” universe. However, Zack Snyder transformed it into an original creation, rooted in his admiration for both “Star Wars” and the cinematic works of Akira Kurosawa.

  3. Who is the director of “Rebel Moon”?

    Zack Snyder is the director of “Rebel Moon.” He is also one of the co-writers of the screenplay, along with Shay Hatten and Kurt Johnstad.

  4. How does “Rebel Moon” blend science fiction and fantasy elements?

    “Rebel Moon” seamlessly blends science fiction and fantasy by introducing elements like intergalactic battles, laser fire, articulate robots, majestic creatures, and luminescent blades. This fusion creates a visually stunning and immersive universe.

  5. Will “Rebel Moon” have R-rated cuts?

    Yes, both parts of “Rebel Moon” are confirmed to have R-rated cuts, offering a more mature and adult-oriented perspective on the epic saga.

  6. Who are the main cast members of “Rebel Moon”?

    The cast of “Rebel Moon” boasts notable names such as Charlie Hunnam, Djimon Hounsou, Ray Fisher, Anthony Hopkins, Ed Skrein, Michiel Huisman, Doona Bae, Jena Malone, Staz Nair, E. Duffy, and more. These talented actors bring life to a diverse range of characters within the epic saga.

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