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OnePlus gets roasted on MKBHD’s Smartphone Awards, and tweets from iPhone make matters worse

As we know, MKBHD is one of the biggest Tech YouTubers and he like many others do make a smartphone awards program for a year this year too he had done the same. So, in his long list of awards, the Bust of the Year, i.e. the flop phone of the year went to the OnePlus 10T which to be fair is not contradictory.

The main reason for this was stated to be being overhyped was its heavy marketing and that the OnePlus brand value which Marques has also mentioned is getting devalued because its phones are losing the identity and uniqueness that it had previously.

OnePlus becomes roasted for tweeting via iPhone

Though I don’t know if the OnePlus 10T deserves such kind of award or not but OnePlus getting no award for the year is kind of shocking last few years now. Now, while MKBHD posted the same on Twitter as he does mostly, @OnePlus_USA replied to his tweet by saying, ” How do we claim our trophy? We’ll prove you wrong in 2023.”

Now, the person handling the Twitter handle for OnePlus forgot that he or she was tweeting from an iPhone which by the time MKBHD didn’t point out, they didn’t even care to notice. While they keep on bragging about the upcoming OnePlus 11, the brand and its core values somewhere are missing after its OPPOfication and since Carl Pei left.

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Obviously, this will be a thing to be seen if in 2023, OnePlus makes amends to reclaim its lost brand image and launch good phones throughout the year or not.


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