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Intel Core i7-14700K CPU appears in new Benchmark

First purported benchmarks for Intel’s “Core i7-14700K” CPU, which has 20 cores and faster clock speeds, have surfaced online. We get to see what appears to be the first instance of the Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake-S Refresh Desktop CPUs running on an Intel Z790 motherboard in benchmarks leaked by @wxnod. All Raptor Lake-S Refresh CPUs will work with motherboards in the 600 and 700 series, and there are already BIOS available with early compatibility for the forthcoming processors.

Having said that, performance and specification benchmarks for the rumoured Intel Core i7-14700K CPU have surfaced, along with a screenshot from CPU-Z. The CPU will have an 8+12 design that supports 20 cores and 28 threads and will use the Intel 7 process node (10nm ESF).

Core i7-14700K
Image Credits: Harukaze5719 via Bilibili Forums

Although the CPU base clock speed hasn’t been disclosed, another leaker notes that the L2 cache and L3 cache have increased from the 13700K by 16.6% and 10%, respectively, to 28 MB and 33 MB, respectively. The chip appears to operate at the same 3.4 GHz base frequency as the 13700K, but the boost speeds are still unclear.

Three benchmarks were used to evaluate the Intel 14th Gen Raptor-Lake-S Refresh Core i7-14700K CPU.

In the first test, Cinebench R23, the Core i7-14700K received 36292 points in the multi-core category and 2192 points in the single-core category.

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This is a 15% performance improvement over the Intel Core i7-13700K in multi-core tests and a 4% improvement in single-threaded testing. Similar performance improvements of 14% in mult and 2% in the single-threaded tests are shown by the CPU-z scores of 905 points in single-core and 14988 points in multi-core.

Core i7-14700K
Image Credits: @wxnod

It is clear that the Core i7-14700K’s larger core and thread count is what accounts for the majority of the multi-threaded performance advantage in this case. The improvements in single-threaded performance can be seen as evidence that the clock speed enhancements are at most insignificant.

These improvements are acceptable for a refresh, but we also need to know how much more power-hungry they will be and how much they will cost. Furthermore, unlike the Meteor Lake mobility chips, which will utilise the new “Core Ultra” branding, Raptor Lake-S Refresh desktop CPUs will continue to follow the 14th Gen naming scheme.

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