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Blue Aadhaar Card: A Comprehensive Update on Blue Aadhaar card and how can I apply for one?

Blue Aadhaar Card

For children under five, a 12-digit unique identity number known as Blue or Baal Aadhaar is issued; biometric information is added subsequently. How to apply for one is given here.

Children under the age of five are issued an identity document called a Blue or Baal Aadhaar card. excellent picture. Picture courtesy of K. V. Srinavan. Children under five are provided an identity document called a Blue or Baal Aadhaar card. The Aadhaar card for children was introduced in 2018 and does not store any biometric data. Because of its blue tint, it is known as “blue Aadhaar,” as opposed to the adult-issued white rectangular card.

Blue Aadhaar card

An essential tool for identity verification, Aadhaar cards are particularly useful when utilising government-funded social assistance programs. In order to precisely collect information on an individual, a number of government and business sector organisations also require Aadhaar cards.

The Blue Aadhaar card has the same 12-digit unique identification number for the child as regular Aadhaar cards for adults, along with additional pertinent data including the parent’s name, permanent address, and other demographic information.
The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) issues Blue Aadhaars, which are useful for registering children for school or obtaining government benefits.

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How to apply for Blue Aadhaar Card?

  • Parents can start the registration procedure by going to the UIDAI website.

  • Navigate to the option to register your Aadhaar card.

  • Choose a time to visit the UIDAI enrollment facility and enter the child’s name, parent’s phone number, and any other pertinent data.

  • Bring the child to the enrolling centre.

  • Attach the photo of the child.

submitted, the Aadhaar card, residence verification, child’s birth certificate, and the parent’s information will also be examined.

A notification of the process’s completion will be sent to the parent’s registered mobile number after the information has been verified.

bl2 Blue Aadhaar Card: A Comprehensive Update on Blue Aadhaar card and how can I apply for one?

After 60 days (about two months) of verification, parents will receive an acknowledgment form and the Blue Aadhaar card will be issued in the child’s name.

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Once they turn five, children who already have a Blue Aadhaar must update their details by going to the closest enrolment center. Here, their biometric information is gathered, including their iris scan, facial photos, and 10 fingerprints.

Kids’ biometric data is updated once more upon reaching the age of fifteen. UIDAI provides free updates to the Aadhaar card on both occasions. The card will become invalid if the information is not updated when the child is five and again when they turn fifteen.

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