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BGMI Ban in India: What Is the Truth?

Yes, you heard it right. For some time, we have been hearing news about the BGMI ban in India. This has made all the BGMI lovers and players in India tense.

And at the same time, they are not surprised, because if you remember, the game was unbanned on the condition that first the game would be reviewed for some months. And after getting a complete verification of no security breaches or harm, it will be allowed to stay in the country.

Now that the entire environment is chaotic, some rumours say that BGMI is banned in India, while others deny it. What’s the truth behind the BGMI ban? Well, that’s what we will be looking at here. So, without any further delays, let’s rush to our article.

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BGMI ban In India

In a twist and turn of events, BGMI is facing problems in India. We are hearing news of the BGMI ban and of an uncertain future for the game in the country.

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There are renewed concerns regarding the BGMI ban that the game is potentially transferring data to servers linked to China. Although the app is distinctive from PUBG Mobile and made especially for Indian players, the concerns are not going away.

BGMI is currently under scrutiny by the Indian government over fears of potential user data misuse. There are some reports from News18 saying that a senior official from the Union Government’s cybersecurity division has something to say.

According to the report, the division is responsible for coordinating with law enforcement agencies. The official has recommended the BGMI ban. This is because of the concerns stemming from the tension about data security.

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This data security includes various things like location, audio recording, and other sensitive user data collected by the app. In addition, the report has added that there is one crucial factor contributing to the aggravating issue: the entry of Seema Haider.

This couple first met on the game platform, and we all know what happened afterwards. So, there are strong reasons behind the BGMI ban in India. The government expressed apprehension that the user data collected by the game could be misused.

It can be exploited for surveillance or to cyberattack the Indian players. This matter involving the BGMI ban is further intensified because of the connection to PUBG Mobile, earlier banned because of its ties to a Chinese company.

Although the reports also suggest that BGMI’s servers are currently situated in the United States, governmental authorities are bent on ensuring that user data is safe. It is concerned with the problem if the data is transferred to some other location, mainly in China.

So, for now, there is just news about the BGMI ban, and we don’t know what’s going to happen with the game.


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