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Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Everything We Know About the Post-Credit Scenes

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is now dominating in more or less every theatre. At last, people are now finally starting to discuss the main theme of the movie, also about the ending, and the most interesting part is what happened just after the ending.

The last part of the film is the most tricky and interesting that is definitely worth a discussion. It has been confirmed that there is a post-credits scene, and it is the one that the fans of Sonic become too excited about that reveals another indication about the another  Sonic character from the Sonic universe has set to participate in the series in the upcoming adaptation.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Post-Credits Scene Explained | Den of Geek

Sonic has been very excited to prove that he has what it has taken to be a real hero. It seems that the test also comes when Dr. Robotnik comes back and this time along with a new partner, Knuckles for the search for an emerald that also has the strength to destroy the civilizations. Now Sonic has been collaborated with his own sidekick, tails, and also has ben come together just before it has been fallen into the wrong hands.


At the end of the film and after the roll credits, the scene has been treated from where the military personnel talking about the files provides some hints about the existence of the secret laboratory that is more or less around 50 years or so. We have noticed a short scene that is about none other than Shadow the Hedgehog who is a popular antagonist has been seen in several across the years.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2's post-credit scene cameo, explained - Polygon


Sonic the Hedgehog: Shadow the Hedgehog

The fans definitely agree that Shadow has been known like Sonic in three different colors red, black, and white just opposite of the blue Sonic, now the main query is he has been enough fit to come in the story. After such close searching, it reveals that the  50 years was not just an accident as Shadow was built by Gerald Robotnik who is known as the grandfather of Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik as seen in the film.

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Now after 50 years, it has been launched by younger Robotnik. The most interesting fact is the main intention of Shadow is “Ultimate Life Form” and smoothly works under the “Project Shadow” that codename the referenced in the latest film.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 news and updates: Everything we know - internet

We can say that Shadow is very focused and determined in comparison with Sonic and also even in the comparison to Knuckles who himself is very determined but with time he becomes a little ditsy in the latest film due to unfamiliar territory As just Knuckles become friend with Sonic and Tails, Knuckles visits truce along with Sonic and team though they always had not watched on their methods.

For many years  Shadow appeared in many games, but there are many gamers who like to evoke him from a standalone perspective  Shadow the Hedgehog game launched in 20005. The Sonic reveals a much darker take on the Sonic franchise from where Shadow utilized guns and also many other weapons and also swore from time to time. Now we have to wait for his appearance in the next film.

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