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Complete Status of Axis Bank Credit Card Application in 2024

Status of Axis Bank Credit Card Application

With your application ID (PAN) and mobile number, you can use the internet to monitor the status of your Axis Bank credit card application. Checking the progress of your application can also be done by calling their customer service hotline. Continue reading to find out how to check the status of your application for an Axis Bank credit card step by step.

Online Credit Card Status of Axis Bank Credit Card Application

To find out the status of a credit card application, Axis Bank has a dedicated web portal. In order to complete the form and verify the status, you must have the application ID, PAN, and mobile number on site.

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Axis Bank Credit Card Application

How to Check the Status of an Application Using the Application ID:

1. Go to Axis Bank’s official website

2. Choose the App ID option

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3. Type in the application ID that you were given at the time of application

4. The application status will be displayed on the page after submission.

Using a PAN and mobile number to check the application status

This is the link to Axis Bank’s status tracking page.

*When prompted, input your mobile number and PAN. Choose the PAN/Mobile Number option. The application status will be displayed on the page after submission.

Status of Axis Bank Credit Card Application

E-mailing an application to check its status

Check out Axis Bank’s website’s email section. Type your application ID and the message “I need to know the status of my application” in the message box after entering the information. Submit after entering the captcha code. To let you know how your application is progressing, the bank will respond to your email.

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How to Examine the Offline Status of an Axis Bank Credit Card Application?

Axis Bank’s credit card division can be reached via phone to inquire about the status of your credit card application. Calls to 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555 will connect you to the phone banking service.

Callers from outside of India who wish to get in touch with the relevant department are advised to use +91-22-67987700.

Customers who want to know the accurate status of their credit card requests can also visit the bank location that is closest to them.

Check the Status of Your Axis Bank Credit Card Application

No Records Found: A notification stating that “no records found” will appear on screen if the entered information is incorrect. To solve this, make an effort to enter the information accurately and click the submit button.

Requests that are currently in progress are marked as “in-progress”; the bank will need more time to evaluate them and provide approval.

se2 Complete Status of Axis Bank Credit Card Application in 2024

When your credit card request is marked as “approved,” it means that it has been approved and that your card will be sent out shortly.

Dispatched: After your credit card has been sent to the address you have specified, the status changes to “dispatched”. An SMS with shipment details and the estimated date of delivery is sent out as soon as the credit card is shipped out. As the credit card is typically given to the candidate alone, it is advisable to remain available at the address supplied.

On Hold: If the status for your account is “on-hold,” the bank may be requesting more information or documentation. The bank itself should ideally call or leave a message for you.

Refused: A status of “rejected” indicates that the bank has rejected your credit card application since it did not meet the necessary requirements. Perhaps the bank will send a message outlining precisely why the application was denied. For further information regarding the denial, get in touch with customer service.

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  1. For what duration will my credit card application be processed by Axis Bank?

    Processed credit card applications may take seven to ten business days. That could, however, vary depending on the candidate.

  2. My application for a credit card has been delayed by Axis Bank why?

    Inadequate documentation or data inconsistency could result in the suspension of your credit card application. There can be other bank-specific internal factors. Should you wish to inquire as to why it is on hold, you can reach the bank at 1-860-419-5555/1-860-500-5555.

  3. Will I be informed of the reason(s) if my credit card application is declined?

    Yes. The bank might be contacted to find out the reason behind the rejection of your application. Once the issue has been resolved, you can reapply later. Applying too soon after being rejected is not advised, though.

  4. How can one apply for an Axis Bank credit card? What are the requirements?

    The age range of 18 to 70 years old is required to be eligible for an Axis Bank credit card. It is imperative that you own an active credit history and be a Resident Indian, often known as NRI.


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