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How to Maximize Winning in Sports Betting?

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For ages, it has been believed that betting is all about luck. When it comes to sports betting, most people place wagers in a friendly manner. All they want to do is place minimal bets and enjoy the game. Winning or losing is not that big for most general sports fans.

However, betting can be more than just a mere time pass. It can be a source of serious money-making if only bettors pay a little attention to the strategies at play. It would no doubt require keen observational and mathematical skills. So, let us look into a few tricks that can help any amateur or professional win a hand quickly.

1. A Separate Bank Account


When it comes to money matters, one can never be too careful. It is a good idea to create a separate account for betting-related transactions. This wagering account should comprise a predetermined standard deposit amount. This amount is also known as bankroll and should be enough to sponsor the entire season. The main reason for this step is to have a clear distinction between daily transactions and betting affairs.

2. Multiple Handles Under Different Bookmakers

It is mandatory to place wagers under a bookmaker to have a good setup account. However, better possibilities can be availed by creating multiple handles in separate sportsbooks. The foremost advantage of doing so is that bookmakers provide sign-up bonuses and welcome offers. Bettors can enjoy more of these and other free bets via separate handles. In addition, this tactic can help make an informed decision by comparing odds provided by separate handlers.

A significant pointer that needs to be kept in mind here is that bettors should have a maximum of 3 or 4 handles and not more. Having multiple accounts can cause one to lose track of one’s money.

3. Being Confident

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It is next to impossible to be sure of the outcome of each game in a tournament. Thus, it is of paramount importance that bettors invest in the most promising matches. In fact, in such cases, increasing the bet to 3 or 4 percent of the bankroll is also a favorable option. However, upon having doubts about the probable results of a particular match, it is best to reduce the bets. It can help cut losses considerably.

4. Get Hold of Better Odds

Sports fans often root for their favorite team without considering performance reviews. It can lead to sudden monetary losses. To combat this, bookmakers offer strategic betting odds in three formats. They are factional, decimal and Moneyline. These odds are set based on prior performance statistics and computer algorithms. These consider the skills of the team rather than its popularity. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in teams showing better odds rather than just choosing one’s favorites.

5. Consider Live Betting

There are no two ways of saying that live betting in sports is an excellent option. Bookmakers make odds based on history and mathematical calculations. Nevertheless, these are only theoretical assumptions. But what most people don’t realize is that there is always a chance of the unforeseen in the case of outdoor sports. For instance, sudden injuries and weather changes can alter a game even at the last moment. Thus, choosing live betting allows bettors to make wagers on current hardcore facts, eliminating the risk of any last-minute changes in the game.

6. Check out Payment Options

Becoming a pro at online sports betting demands continuous to and fro transactions between the bettor and the bookmaker. Thus, conducting such businesses demands proper channels. New bettors should take note of the available payment options. Some of the best techniques include debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, UPI, etc. It also aids in keeping track of settlements via bank statements.

7. Set Rules and Realistic Expectations

We have all heard about gambling addictions. It might sound very far-fetched, but it is an issue. Even after taking precautions, bettors spend excessive money after suffering big losses. The primary mindset here is to recover the amount that has been lost. However, in reality, this is a dangerous choice. Thus, it is important to set rules and take breaks between bets.

Another factor to be noted here is that stories of big paydays are not always true. Such instances hardly occur and demand rigorous research. Therefore, setting realistic expectations and fixing the bankroll can protect against excessive spending and/ or losses.


The bottom line in betting is that there is no easy way. Just like any other form of making money, this requires patience and labor. Thus, every person engaged in sports betting should never forget to go for research and quality over quantity.

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Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy
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