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The reasons why India’s sports betting sector is thriving

Even with murky waters surrounding the legality of sports betting in India, the industry continues to grow. Many people have now opened sports betting accounts and are constantly placing wagers. Some do this to earn an income; others do it for fun, while most do it for both reasons. Sports betting has grown at such a fast rate that it has attracted big players like Betrally India to market their services to Indian players. But why has this industry grown so much? We find out:

Indians Are Not New to Sports Betting

If you look at India’s history, cricket has always been a fan favorite. Fans have always been invested in watching the game, and when they could, they would place wagers to support their favorite teams. These wagers were sometimes handled by bookies, others were between friends, and others were prize pools. Indians thus understand how to place wagers, which is not a new phenomenon. Instead, it is a bonus to what they already had now that they can place the same wagers online where they can access better odds.

Indians Have Access to the Internet

What does it take to secure a wager in this digital age?

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  • A smart device like a PC or a smartphone, and
  • A good internet connection.

That’s all Indians require. And the economy has grown to the point that Indians can now access more digital products from their market and overseas. Most homes have more than one phone, seeing as these gadgets have become so cheap that one can acquire one for less than $100. Thus, accessibility is no longer an issue. Besides, most bookies are now online, and with a secure internet connection, punters can place their wagers.

The Legality is Not an Issue

One would think that with the grey area regarding the legality of wagering, most Indians would shy away from doing so. However, nobody has faced the wrath of the law, and bookies have continued openly offering their services to Indians. So, most people are confident that doing so would not violate any terms, and they are happy to sign up for the upcoming sites. Moreover, there have been several indications that online sports betting will soon be legal. And people are jumping on sites now, knowing that they can continue using them even after the law passes.

It is Convenient

In the past, placing a wager required people to leave their houses to go to the bookies. Or they would have to send people to place the wagers for them – it was an inconvenience. But now, people do not even need to leave their homes as they can do the wagering from the comfort of their couches. The reduced need to commute and the ease of access has made wagering quite affordable to most people. After all, most sites will allow you to get in on the action for as low as $1. So, most of the barriers are no longer standing in the way – new players even get bonuses that allow them to place $0 on their favorite matches.

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The Marketing Has Been on an All-Time High

Bookies have realized that India is a hot market, seeing as it has a population totalling over 1 billion. That is quite a huge market, and any company that gets the lion’s share of this will be yards ahead of the competition. The companies have gone all-in, providing outstanding odds, competitive markets, and fantastic bonuses that endear them to their audience. More people have become aware of the availability of these money-making options and have taken advantage of the marketing perks.

The low investment needs surrounding wagering have also made it a popular pastime. Those who have learned how to strategize and manage their money have learned that this is an easy way to supplement their income. If you’re ready to start placing bets, please start with understanding the game and how odds work, and you will be as lucky as the pro punters. All the best!

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