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Consumers prefer PS5 over Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo

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All thanks to PS5’s higher graphics and the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok

Consumers continue to prefer Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) over Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S, according to DFC Intelligence, a games industry research firm. In October/November, the company conducted a detailed survey, which revealed that consumers are still strongly favouring the PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Surprisingly, the survey’s console panellists appear to prefer Microsoft’s online services and current game library for the Xbox Series over the PS5.

“The results are somewhat surprising given that in most aspects consumers rate the systems as fairly similar”, the research firm writes. “The PlayStation 5’s main advantage is higher perceived graphics and power, versus the higher-rated library and online services for Xbox.”

According to the new survey, 54 percent of consumers who have not yet purchased an Xbox Series X stated they would probably/ NOT buy the console, compared to only 34% who said they would not buy Sony’s next-gen platform. When non-Xbox Series X owners were polled, only 26% stated they would “probably” or “certainly” buy Microsoft’s next-gen system, compared to 42% who said they would “probably” buy a PS5.

Consumers prefer PS5 over Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo

In terms of the Nintendo Switch, the hybrid platform tops the pack in terms of pricing perception among consumers. 60 percent of those polled already own the system, and 27% of those who don’t have it yet plan to purchase it.

DFC continues, “arguably the biggest issue Microsoft faces with the Xbox is the lukewarm desire for online services. Online services, VR, and a cool-looking system were the lowest-rated feature among consumers. Price, power, and great games continue to be the main driving factor.”

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Consumers appear to be most interested in Sony’s God of War sequel, God of War: Ragnarok, and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel when it comes to upcoming titles.

Among interest in new and upcoming games, Xbox exclusive racing game Forza Horizon 5 had a similar rating as Sony’s exclusive Gran Turismo 7. PlayStation 5 exclusive Horizon Forbidden West had similar consumer interest to Xbox exclusive Halo Infinite. However, the biggest consumer interest was in God of War: Ragnarok (Sony exclusive) and a Zelda Breath of the Wild sequel (Nintendo).

DFC has conducted an interesting poll, but we’re not sure if it’s reflective of the gaming industry as a whole because these surveys are often modest in scale. DFC stated in August of last year, before the debut of the next-gen consoles, that it anticipates the PS5 to exceed the Xbox Series X substantially.


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