Saturday, November 27, 2021

Not satisfied with 120W charging? Don’t worry, as a 150W charger is on the way

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Chinese phone manufacturers have been at the forefront of fast charging tech, first normalizing the 33W standard and now slowly making 67W fast charging available to the masses.

Some flagship-level phones have even breached the 120W mark. But as it stands, companies are not yet done pushing the boundaries of how quickly you can juice the battery of your smartphone up.

Reputed tipster Digital Chat Station on Weibo has hinted that a 150W charging solution is on the way, adding in the comments that a mass-produced device will be “coming soon.”

digital chat station 150w charging

As if we need to mention this, 120W is insanely fast! To give you an idea of how fast, you could put your device on charge and watch an episode of The Office or any show of your choice on Netflix. In all likelihood, your phone would have finished charging before you will be able to finish one episode of any show!

Then again, 20 minutes is still too long, right? We are after all obsessed with numbers, this is why companies are in pursuit of higher wattage. 150W should definitely cut back the total charging time to maybe somewhere in between the 12-15 minute range. Keep in mind that there is more to charging speeds than wattage.

No one doubts companies’ abilities to reach 150W. Take Xiaomi for instance, it has already been working on a 200W charging tech for a while. The only concern here is battery degradation, charging at such high power input will definitely affect the longevity of the battery.

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Xiaomi recently stated that their 120W/125W charging solutions result in 20% degradation over a period of 2 years or 800 charge cycles. That is incredibly underwhelming, especially for flagship devices.

However, since a good majority of people use their phones for only 2-3 years, this would not be that big of a problem.

Further, the technology is still in its infancy stages, it will improve over time. This obviously does not mean that companies are releasing fast charging tech without sufficient testing.

But it does mean that you now have one less thing to worry about, your battery percentage that is!

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