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Top Three Most Unique TVs to date you can get in India

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In a common Indian family television is more than an entertainment machine. It brings the entire family together, become part of some of their good times, and so on. Alongside, it also can be your partner when you are alone. The smart TVs do support multiple games, can play OTT contents, or you can simply enjoy the TV shows. A TV has multiple roles nowadays.

So if are currently looking for a new TV and want that tv to be as unique as you, here the three most unique televisions you can get in the Indian market at present. If you are worried about the tech loaded into the TVs, all these models are very fresh in the market. So, check those out.

The three most unique televisions are coming from the two television market leaders Samsung and Sony. As I mentioned earlier, all three models are newly launched. Those three televisions are Samsung The Frame Series, Sony Bravia X90J Series, and lastly, Samsung Neo QLED TVs. What exactly makes these TVs unique? Let’s find out.

3. Samsung The Frame Series

AZ Desktop 01

Samsung launched The Frame Series smart TVs at the beginning of this month. And let me tell you one thing, if you are picky about your room decor, Samsung is actually made this product for you.

As the lineup name suggests, the bezels are the uniqueness of these TVs. You generally saw TVs with either black or grey bezels. But in this case, Samsung allows you to customize it. Yes, you can pick up bezels with multiple designs, colours, and styles and add those to your TV. Two advantages are there – you can get the exact bezel that matches your home decor and/or can get a new look for your TV on each occasion.

For more info about the Samsung The Frame series smart TVs or to purchase visit here. The pricing starts at Rs.61,999.

2. Samsung Neo QLED TVs

Samsung NEO QLED
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Here comes the Samsung Neo QLED TVs. These models already spend a bit more time in the market than the other two televisions. Now, what so special about it?

We place TVs in various places as per requirement. For example, some of us have a TV in the dining space, or in the bedroom. Though TV on the roof is the rarest in India. Even in the offices, there are TVs for various purpose. Do you know the same TV can deliver different audio output in all these places? Yes, the audio output of a TV varies with its surrounding.

Fortunately, Samsung has the solution for it and the tech called SpaceFit Sound. The Neo QLED TVs are the industry’s first TVs with the Spatial Sound Optimization certification. The certification is provided by Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker or VDE. It ensures that the TVs deliver the same quality of audio output every time irrespective of the surroundings.

Visit here for the other details about Samsung Neo QLED TVs.

1. Sony Bravia X90J Series

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Now, time to come out from Samsung and entering to Sony’s portfolio. It launched the new Bravia X90J series in the second week of June and it’s World’s First Cognitive Intelligence television.

The Sony Bravia X90J series TVs coming with human cognitive characteristics like intelligence. Thanks to the new Sony processor. You probably know, we as a human generally focuses on some key parts of an image to memorize it or to analyze it. The television with all its cool techs can do exactly the same. It can analyze the focal points of each scene and processes the image quality elements right there. Result? More natural and close to human memory images in every frame.

Well, the hardware doesn’t stop with the picture quality. It proceeds further and upscales sound to 5.1.2 channels. So, you will get the best possible visual and audio experience every time with every content.

For now, Sony India brings only the 55″ model here. The other two screen sizes – 65″ and 75″ will be announced very soon. Visit here for more details about the Sony Bravia X90J series televisions.

Among these three, which one is the BOSS according you? Let me know in the comments.

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