AMD Ryzen 5000 series details revealed by AMD official

Yesterday saw the first hands-on experience of AMD Ryzen 5000 Zen 3 CPU by many buyers. The details regarding the desktop-grade CPU performance have been public, and various ways to optimize them for a better user experience.

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The Zen 3 based Ryzen 5000 was shared by AMD’s Director of Technical Marketing, Robert Hallock.

According to Robert:

  • Ryzen 5000 Series doesn’t need a power plan. Don’t expect to see one.
  • Yes, it can clock to DDR4-4000 1:1 if you have a good sample. Upcoming AGESA work will make this easier.
  • But you CAN tweak Ryzen perf vs. power with the Win10 Power & Sleep sider AFTER you install the chipset driver.
  • Is the memory controller the same? YES.
  • Do you need a new AGESA for pre-5000 Series CPUs? No. Not really. Stay on the BIOS you have.
  • But ROBERT, what about the VOLTS and the CELSIUS. WHAT IS NORMAL?!?!!?! ROB HELP. See below.
  • I see this a lot: “precision boost is automatic overclocking.” No. False. Wrong. Precision Boost is our boost technology. Every processor has a boost in technology. But ours is unique in that X THREADS do not equal Y CLOCKS. Why? Because that is SLOW.
  • But Robert, where is undervolting? Answer: IT’S GONE. J/k. Temporarily gone for 5000 series. It’ll be back in an upcoming AGESA with new functionality, and It’s going to be HYPE. Saint never saw undergoing quite like this.
  • Fastest gaming CPU brotherrrrr.

Various questions were answered by Robert regarding the performance upgrades of the Ryzen 5000. According to Robert, the DDR4-4000 is the best-suited RAM for the CPU. DDR4-3600 is best suited for optimum performance, and the kits are inexpensive, widely available, perform well, and have good compatibility.

Header — Features of AGESA for Ryzen 5000 Series:

  • General performance improvements for many types of workloads
  • Improved support for loading and applying overclocked memory profiles
  • Improved BIOS overclocking robustness
  • Improved USB hotplug detection
  • Improved SATA device detection on select SATA ports
  • Adds support for Eco Mode for automatic TDP reduction (AMD Ryzen Master)
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