Apple launches Dolby Atmos support for its HomePod

Apple’s HomePod is a breakthrough speaker offering unmatched sound quality for our homes. The technology adapts to its surroundings and offers immersive audio output. The HomePod’s have been a favorite of users since its initial launch, but something was missing from the speakers.

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The Cupertino giant had not initially released the support for Dolby Atmos technology with any of its HomePod. However, things have finally changed. With the latest innovations in Apple’s TV 4K, the company has finally decided to give the HomePod its much-needed Christmas present.

The company is currently working on adding the Dolby Atmos support to its HomePod. The new feature will reportedly work in conjunction with the Apple TV 4K models. The new feature will be pushed with the future software update allowing users to create a home cinema experience combined with Dolby Atmos that supports 5.1 and 7.1 channel audio output.

Sources claim that the new feature will as of now only work with HomePod, which is the more expensive model.

The most recently announced HomePod mini will not support this feature any time soon.

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The Dolby Atmos feature will work with tvOS 14.2, as reported by the sources. This will allow Apple TV users to set up the HomePod as their default audio output option.

The new HomePod mini is also reportedly going under works to support default audio output from Apple TV; however, the mini version will still not see the Home Cinema feature support any time soon.

The inclusion of Dolby Atmos and default Home Cinema Feature is great news for Apple TV 4K owners. The option to set their favorite HomePod as their default audio output is a boon for many Cupertino giants customers.

But at the same time, it means that Apple will allow its new audio setup with its HomePod. For those who don’t use an HomePod and rely on other media consumption devices, this news seems to limit their options in a big way.


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