NVIDIA’s Ampere GPUs were supposed to be launch by now but the Coronavirus pandemic has delayed everything so we have some leaks of it from a reliable leaker @kopite7kimi about the upcoming NVIDIA hardware.

Previously, the leaker also told about the Ampere architecture and he claims that NVIDIA is developing a GPU codenamed the GA102 which will find its way into multiple GPUs. The leaker claims that the new Ampere based RTX 3090 would be the “full-fat” GA102 GPU.

That being said, the card is likely to feature 4,992 CUDA cores and 39 Texture Processing Clusters (TPCs) too, which would be three more clusters than the full TU102 configuration. The GA102 is also said to include 12 GB of GDDR6 VRAM running at 18 Gbps.

Now in this current scenario, the availability and release of these Ampere GPUs might be very difficult and the availability might slip to Q3 or Q4 of 2020.

The Ampere GPUs will be based on the 10nm process rather 7nm which we speculated last year but it still remains unclear how much performance improvements we expect from the upcoming architecture. If all goes as per leaks than the upcoming NVIDIA Ampere CPUs could provide hugely gains in graphical workload from the last generation.

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