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Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family pack will cost $39.95

Users have reported seeing advertisements for the Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family plan on the console’s dashboard, which suggests that the plan is about to go live very soon. It appears that the plan, which allows up to five different friends or family members to share the advantages of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, will cost $39.95 per month. Instead of the usual $14.99, that amounts to $7.99 per month. The service can be used simultaneously by users from the same home or different homes without encountering any problems.

Long before there was any information on a release date or price, the Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family tier was already well known. 

The plan’s value is already being questioned by some users, and it undoubtedly isn’t for everyone. After all, the current Xbox Game Pass plan permits multiple users to use the service concurrently, provided they are connected via the home console and live in the same household. Although the $39.95 monthly price may seem a bit high, it may be helpful for parents of college-bound children or for friends who are merely looking to save a few dollars.

It will soon be announced in full since some Xbox users have already noticed this information on the dashboard. Many users appear eager to try the new tier, so hopefully, the company won’t keep users waiting for too much longer. Xbox’s current plans place a lot of emphasis on Game Pass, and the company is working to improve it.

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