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Apex Legends Rank Mobile: Best Legends to play with in 2023

Apex Legends Rank – Know the Best Legends to play with in 2023 & more

To keep the game as balanced as possible, Apex Legends Mobile frequently changes the way that legends work and adds and removes buffs and nerfs. Some legends will be stronger than others because it’s challenging to manage over 23 different kinds of legends. Some of the game’s legends have changed significantly since it first launched.

Lifeline lost popularity despite the fact that she could heal more quickly than other legends. Another myth that has undergone significant evolution is that of the Wraith. Despite ongoing adjustments to her kit, Wraith continues to be a revered legend. She is still a great option for players who are aggressive.

1. Valkyrie – Apex Legends

Apex Legends
credit: Apex Legends

In the most recent ALGS tournament, Valkyrie was the most popular legend, with over 95% of professional players using her. Her ultimate is so powerful that many players believe Valkyrie’s ultimate needs to be nerfed because it is too strong. Many players, even in casual play, use flight to escape unfavourable fights. This, according to many players, renders the game “unfun.”

2. Horizon – Apex Legends

3968542 horizon 1 Apex Legends Rank Mobile: Best Legends to play with in 2023
credit: Apex Legends

Movement legends, like Pathfinder, are powerful but have trouble maximising their team’s potential for team play. The complex legend of Horizon is very useful to her team. Players who learn how to play Horizon will be able to develop more successful scenarios.

Her entire team has access to her gravity lift, which has the potential to gain an advantage over an adversarial team. It will take practice to use her ultimate effectively, but it will go well with legends like Fuse.

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3. Seer – Apex Legends

Apex Legends
credit: Apex Legends

Seer was initially released as an overpowered legend that had been moderately nerfed. He offers unmatched scouting data and has the ability to delay healing with a well-timed tactical move. Seer currently has the strongest passive in the game, so players are debating whether he needs to be nerfed. He can function as a radar without a counter thanks to his passive. In season 16, the passive of the Seer was nerfed, creating a loud indicator of when he is scanning.

4. Bloodhound – Apex Legends

Apex Legends
credit: Apex Legends

Currently, Bloodhound is a perfectly balanced legend who offers their team a lot of useful information. Their tactical gives them crucial information to scan for enemies, and their ultimate gives them a speed boost to help them move to a better position. Having mastered the fundamentals, players can easily master Bloodhound.

5. Gibraltar – Apex Legends

FFS2KaWVrtMyWYkweVh4Go Apex Legends Rank Mobile: Best Legends to play with in 2023
credit: Apex Legends

Gibraltar is a great choice for players who like to snipe, and his arm shield enables him to take quick peeks without much concern. His tactical prowess is useful at all stages of the game, but it really shines in the closing stages. A player adept at Gibraltar bubble fights will destroy opponents up close, enabling aggressive play.

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