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Why should You buy Google Home over Amazon Echo?

Google Home is Here in India…Will Google beat Amazon’s Echo? Know why should you buy Google Home over Amazon Echo?

Google, who has brought innovation in tech ecosystem has taken a step ahead and launched the Google Home speakers a year back. Well, finally it’s here in India in 2018…

Nevertheless, now the question arises when the tech giant Amazon has already such a device called Amazon Echo…Now, why should you prefer Google Home over it?

It’s doubtless about the fact Amazon Echo is a great device that can help you manage your smart home and help you in your daily tasks…

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Now, what keeps Google ahead in this battle? Let’s discuss more of this:


Which sounds better?


Why should You buy Google Home over Amazon Echo?


Well, in this section Google totally out beats Amazon Echo…With a high excursion speaker with a 2” driver and dual 2” passive radiators, this makes the speaker sound clear.

Well, you may say that does this matter so much? Well, yes because in a smart speaker the convo between you and your assistant should be crystal clear. This is not just any music speaker, it’s a smart one so it has to have a crystal clear sound…


Which one soothes you with music?


Why should You buy Google Home over Amazon Echo?


If you love to listen to music, Google Home is a far better choice. Google Home also has localized support for applications such as Google Play Music, YouTube Red, Gaana and Saavn that makes listening to your personal choice of music much easier. You can also upload your own music library to its cloud which gives a user more flexibility as Amazon’s Echo does not have this feature. This is a win-win situation for audiophiles who already have a large music library of their own.

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Google’s Ecosystem Looks Promising & Precise


Why should You buy Google Home over Amazon Echo?


At this year’s CES we have seen products that focus more on Google Assistant…So, smart system makers are concentrating more on the Android platform, that’s why Google Assistant which being the soul of Google Home speaker, will help to integrate with more number of devices.


Why should You buy Google Home over Amazon Echo?


With loads of compatible smart devices, and with constant updates, the Google Home looks to have a promising future ahead…So, keeping in mind of our smart electronic ecosystem Google Home has better scope than the Amazon Echo…


It Recognises Multiple People


Why should You buy Google Home over Amazon Echo?


Google excels in this department as the smart speaker has far superior multiple user support. The Home is capable of recognizing up to six different user’s voices and it seamlessly switches between multiple accounts without ever having to fiddle with it. Amazon Echo, on the other hand, needs to be told to “switch the account to X” in order for the smart speaker to recognize a different voice.

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Which one provides more content?

Well, it’s true that both the smart speakers have compatible quiet a lot of smart home devices. But when it comes to digital content, that too a free one then, obviously Google leads the race…

With complete integration with YouTube and Netflix that makes watching content far easier. Simply ask Google Home to play “Black Mirror on Chromecast” and it will atomically fire up Netflix on your connected device. The same goes for YouTube but it goes even further as Youtube has a hell lot of content from creators.


Why should You buy Google Home over Amazon Echo?


Amazon’s echo too can perform similar tasks but its digital media is limited. As the video streaming is a paid one, well Google has more content to offer at practically “zero-price“…

Google Home will connect to anything that has Chromecast (video and audio) plugged into it. Isn’t cool?


Extensive Traffic & Navigation Assistance

With Google Maps and Android Auto, car assistance is as easy as that…Well, your Google Home can also help you navigate to places and give you direction, give weather reports, tell you shortcuts to places and more…

When such great feature of Google Map API is integrated with your ecosystem, then managing and controlling won’t be a very big matter…As Maps has been made by very own people so more or less you can cover each and every place on the earth…Google assistant is just smarter than any assistant with knowledge of every Indian place and destination…


Why should You buy Google Home over Amazon Echo?


Also, getting real-time traffic assistance is now more easy for you…Before just leaving just ask the assistant “what’s the condition of the traffic,” it will answer you with the proper report in seconds…

Going to some place, carry your assistant by your side, get directions, ask questions to it, listen to music and what not…

With loads of features, activities, and integrations, Google Home seems to be much smarter than Amazon’s Echo…

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It Will Be Able To Understand Hindi


Why should You buy Google Home over Amazon Echo?



The Google Home gets constant updates to make it better over time and add new features to keep it exciting. Google has officially confirmed that Google Home and Mini will be able to understand Hindi in the coming months which gives Google’s offering a huge advantage over Amazon’s Echo.

Alexa currently understands Hinglish (a blend of English and Hindi), however, Google’s expertise in voice and speech processing capabilities are far superior. This, in turn, will make it more accessible to users who have Hindi as their first language.



With the personal assistance category swinging to the Google Home, the six-month-old upstart now holds the upper hand in the battle against the 2-year old device it was designed to emulate. Still, despite Google’s 2-1 victory in round 2, Alexa is far from finished. The Amazon Echo is still the better device if you prioritize smart-home controls, and Alexa is still a great, versatile digital assistant.


Why should You buy Google Home over Amazon Echo?


As Google works to catch Alexa in versatility, we’ll be curious to see if Alexa makes a move to counter the Google Assistant’s multi-user support or conversational powers.

With such competition, it’s the users who get to experience something more always…Because everytime some or the other company will try to make things smarter we get far better products…

With Apple reportedly working on an Echo-type device of its own, one thing’s for sure: the game is on.




Google Home Mini – Rs.4,499

Buy from here:

Google Home – Rs.9,999

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How did you like the Google Home? Like Alexa more or the Google Assistant? Which one will you buy for yourself? Tell us in the comment section below…

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