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WD Black SN770 SSD is a budget Gen 4 SSD with respectable speeds

Western Digital is a leader when it comes to making storage devices and their expertise in making them for years now has made WD one of the most reliable brands out there. While they have classified their lineup of SSDs with WD Blue, Green and Black, making it easier for customers, however, they have also launched multiple SSDs with different speeds at various price points.

As we are into PC building, we have been reviewing a number of SSDs and this WD Black SN770 SSD is a new one which thought to review for our new system. It blends in well for the price and the 500GB variant is frequently discounted to ₹5,899 and it makes sense to go for it because of its incredible speeds.

WD Black SN770 SSD is a budget Gen 4 SSD with respectable speeds

Obviously, you have to have a PCIe Gen 4 supported motherboard and CPU which isn’t hard to find these days but make sure your motherboard has enough lanes to utilize the bandwidth of the SSD. So, we already use the SN850 for primary benchmarks, now, as we needed a PC for moderate usage, we found the WD Black SN770 SSD a better value.


  • Get into the game fast as you zoom past load times with blazing speeds of up to 5,150MB/s (1TB and 2TB models).
  • Equipped with a PCIe Gen4 interface, the WD_BLACK SN770 NVMe SSD helps fuel in-game responsiveness, minimize stutter, and provide smooth streaming for a performance boost you can see and feel.
IMG20220816164657 WD Black SN770 SSD is a budget Gen 4 SSD with respectable speeds
  • Get tons of space for your latest games, future updates, and downloadable content with capacities of up to 2TB
  • Optimize peak performance in gaming mode and monitor your drive’s health with the WD_BLACK Dashboard so you can game with confidence.
  • Equipped with advanced thermal management technology that helps maintain consistent performance, this reliable drive comes in an M.2 SSD form factor for compatibility with modern motherboards and laptops
IMG20220816193416 WD Black SN770 SSD is a budget Gen 4 SSD with respectable speeds

The Performance

Skipping the looks, which is again not bad and has that WD Black badging that is cool enough, we need to talk about the performance. While the 1TB or 2TB variants are advertised to have a maximum read speeds of up to 5,150MB/s, this 500GB does reach that 5Gbps mark which is good for most users.

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In the CrystalDiskMark test, the write speeds were capped at 4083MB/s using the default profile and that is certainly not bad. The major difference between this 500GB and 1TB variant is that the latter has a write speed close to 4900MB/s write and this one has lesser speed while costing almost double the 500GB variant.

WD Black SN770 SSD is a budget Gen 4 SSD with respectable speeds

If you compare it against the 250GB variant that is priced at ₹4,558, it makes no sense to go for it as the speeds are lesser on the lowest variant. At ₹5,899, this 500GB WD Black SN770 SSD comes as a sweet spot for gamers or PC builders who need a fast SSD without having to spend much.

The dashboard here by WD Black is quite useful to see all your stats in one place, however, the Game mode doesn’t make a hell of a lot of a difference I would say. It gives around a 50-100MB/s difference in speed which is very nominal, overall, the WD Black SN770 SSD is a good boot SSD with incredible speeds, enough for most users out there.

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WD Black SN770 SSD is a budget Gen 4 SSD with respectable speeds

Who Should Buy the WD Black SN770 SSD?

This WD Black SN770 SSD replaces the age-old SN750 which is a Gen 3 SSD and offers significantly better speeds along with good power efficiency. Though this SN770 is limited to 2TB storage most average users won’t need more storage and this 500GB variant is specifically good enough for maximum users.

Meant for budget gamers and content creators, the WD Black SN770 is a nice option for the price, thanks to a 112-layer TLC NAND memory. Overall, this should be an economical yet fast Gen 4 SSD to buy and is highly recommended for budget-minded people.

Buy from here: https://amzn.to/3MzuqpX


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