Thursday, February 2, 2023

This image shows the presence of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 series

Outside a Samsung store, a Mural was spotted showing Samsung Galaxy Note 21 5G mentioned on it. The fate of the Galaxy Note line is shrouded in mystery. Although Samsung has admitted that it is not going to introduce a new member to this line in 2021, it has not yet confirmed or denied that it will be canceled.

To raise even more doubts about the future of this line, we have a reference to the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 and Note 21 Ultra. The name of these two models, which have not yet been introduced, came from outside the brand’s largest official stores in South Korea.

As we can see from the shared pictures, this is a mural at the entrance of the Samsung Store featured in the Google logo. This includes many Samsung products, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 5G and Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra 5G are notable. These names are with the different types of products the brand has already introduced. Here we can highlight Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, etc.


The names Galaxy Note 21 and Note 21 Ultra are in effect without Samsung introducing them on this wall. The event raises doubts about the future of this series of smartphones. Note 21 is unlikely to feature this year. There have been no rumors about them for about three months since they were usually introduced, except that Samsung has already confirmed that it will not launch them.

The importance of having these names at the entrance of the Samsung store is something we cannot measure. We cannot rule out the possibility that they will only be launched next year, however, this creates some discrepancies in the brand’s primary names.

Since the Galaxy Note line is so close to the Galaxy S line, there are many who believe that the latter will eventually disappear. An unconfirmed decision.

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