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Death and Other Details: Get An Incredible Updates of the Cast of Death and Other Details

Cast of Death and Other Details

The newest criminal drama on Hulu and Disney+, Death and Other Details, was created by Heidi Cole McAdams and Mike Weiss, the team that collaborated on ABC’s Stumptown. On January 16, 2024, the series made its début with a doubleheader. The show will air for ten weeks, starting on January 16 and ending on March 5. Each episode will air on a Tuesday.

With a cast of outstanding performers, Death and Other Details frequently makes a lasting impression on the audience. Learn about Death and Other Details’ whole cast by reading the article through to the end.

Death and Other Details: Plot

“Death and Other Details” is set against the backdrop of the global elite’s opulence and revolves around the intelligent and restless Imogene Scott (Violett Beane). She ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time (well, she kinda did it herself) and is drawn into a murder mystery involving a locked room. The scene? a luxuriously renovated Mediterranean cruise ship.

Cast of Death and Other Details

Cast of Death and Other Details

villo Death and Other Details: Get An Incredible Updates of the Cast of Death and Other Details

1) Imogene Scott, played by Violett Beane

Imogene Scott will be portrayed by Violett Bean, a well-known Hollywood actress best recognized for her appearances as Cara Bloom in God Friended Me and Lindsay in Clay Liford’s comedy picture Slash.
In the show, Violett’s character will collaborate with renowned private investigator Rufus Coteworth to unravel the mystery surrounding a murder that has ties to her history. In the show, Sophia Reid-Gantzert portrays Young Imogene.

2) Rufus Coteworth, played by Mandy Patinkin


Rufus Coteworth will be portrayed by well-known actor and singer Mandel Bruce Patinkin, also known as Mandy Patinkin, who has received seven Drama Desk Award nominations and three Golden Globe nominations. Rufus is a character that was formerly referred to as “the world’s greatest detective,” according to the show.

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Rufus was considered great at his job, however he quit due to certain circumstances. But a fresh chance entices him to take responsibility for his errors and keep the long-standing vow he made to Imogene.

agen Death and Other Details: Get An Incredible Updates of the Cast of Death and Other Details

3) Agent Hilde Eriksen, played by Linda Emond

Criminal investigator Agent Hilde Eriksen (Linda Emond) arrives in Varuna with the intention of apprehending the person responsible for the locked room murder. Actress Emond is well-known and has been nominated for three Tony Awards for her work in Yasmise Reza’s play Life x 3. In the Law & Order series, she has also played a number of characters.

4) Rahul Mittal as Sunil Joshi

In the film Death and Other Details, Rahul Kohli will portray Sunil Ranja, the proprietor of the opulent cruise ship SS Varuna. The actor is well recognized for his roles as Owen Sharma in Haunting of Bly Manor, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti in IZombie, and Leo User in The Fall of the House Usher.

ann Death and Other Details: Get An Incredible Updates of the Cast of Death and Other Details

5) Anna Collier played by Lauren Patten

The role of Anna Collier, daughter of Collier Mills CEO Lawrence Collier, will be played by Lauren Patten. Since they were young children, Imogene and Anna have been great friends. After Imogene experienced the terrible loss of her mother, their friendship became even stronger and more sisterly. The most well-known performance of Lauren is in the Broadway musical Jagged Little Pill as Jo.

6) Teddy Goh, played by Angela Zhou

Teddy Goh, the SS Varuna’s crew manager, will be portrayed by Angela Zhou. Zhou’s breakthrough performance came in the gender-bending Hell on Wheels role of Mei/Fong. Her recurring role as Detective Todd on Promising Young Women is another reason for her notoriety.

pj7 Death and Other Details: Get An Incredible Updates of the Cast of Death and Other Details

7) Pardis Saremi portraying Leila

Pardis Saremi portrays Leila, the neurotic wife of erstwhile clickbait journalist Anna. Saremi gained recognition for her roles as Demi in Hell of a Summer and as the title character in the short film Shonda.

8) Hugo Diego Garcia in the role of Julius

Hugo Diego Garcia, an actor from France and Spain, portrays Jules, the chief of security on board the SS Varuna. Tony and Cagnolino, two of Garcia’s short films, are well-known. Tony was selected by the UK.

9) Tripp Collier, played by Jack Cutmore-Scott

The actor Jack Cutmore-Scott, who played Frederick “Freddy” Crane in the television series Frasier, will portray Tripp Collier, who is the brother of Anna and the son of Lawrence. Tripp is characterized as a substance addict, reckless, and prone to violent outbursts.

dee2 Death and Other Details: Get An Incredible Updates of the Cast of Death and Other Details

Other Casts

The recurring cast of Death and Other Details is listed below:
• David Marshall Grant in the role of Lawrence Collier, the father of Tripp and Anna and CEO of Collier Mills.
• Michael Gladis in the role of Keith, the SS Varun murder victim and friend of Rufus
• Llewellyn Mathers, Collier’s attorney, played by Jere Burns
• Janet Atkinson plays the role of Katherine Collier, Lawrence’s wife
• Annie Q. Riegel as Teddy’s younger sister Winnie Goh, a crew woman on the SS Varuna
• Yeva, played by Sofia Rosinsky
As Eleanor Chun, Karlin
• Wilbert as Sincere as That Derek
Danny Johnson as Father Toby; Tamberal Perry as Alexandra/Governor; Lisa Lu as Celia Chun

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  1. <strong>When Death and Other Details Season has been released?</strong>

    January 16, 2024


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