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TCL showcases the first-ever prototype of a 32-inch 4K gaming display with a 240 Hz refresh rate monitor

In today’s market where the demand for high-performing hardware and PC components is soaring high, the hunt for an ideal monitor is going pretty wild. An ideal television comes with high resolutions, high refresh rates, huge diagonal sizes, accurate colors, and good contrast.

However, for a while now all of these features have been offered separately by monitor manufacturers, but now there are very few devices that bring them all together. At an event in China, TCL demonstrated a rather unique 32-inch 4K gaming display with a 240 Hz refresh rate as well as an innovative Mini LED 8K TV with a 265 Hz refresh rate.

Some 31.5-inch displays boast a 2560 x 1440 resolution along with a 240 Hz or higher refresh rate available now, however, most of the users want to have a 4K monitor these days to enjoy their crisper images and watch Ultra-HD movies in a native resolution and play games in a more immersive way.

But, hardly many manufacturers have managed to mass-produce a large 4K panel with a 240 Hz refresh rate, but TCL CSOT, a maker of televisions and display panels has just demonstrated the industry’s first 32-inch 4K gaming LCD that comes with an amazing 240 Hz refresh rate at its Global Display Tech-Ecosystem Conference in Shanghai, China.

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This prototype monitor showcased by TCL boasts a unique combination of high resolution and high refresh rate. And also it is curved with an R800 radius. However, for now, we have no idea as to when this 32-inch, 4K, 240 Hz gaming LCD will enter into production, but since the company hasn’t said it, we don’t expect it will be soon.

It’s also worth noting that TCL does not produce its monitors, so it remains a what if? Quotation as to whether this prototype of a curved 32-inch, 4K gaming LCD with a 240 Hz refresh rate will become a commercial product under the TCL trademark.



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