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Surface Laptop 7 vs. MacBook Air M3: Choosing Your Next Laptop

Microsoft introduces Copilot Plus PCs, their latest venture into ARM-based computers. Between the move and the Apple comparisons at Microsoft’s Surface event, it seems clear for those who didn’t know: The Surface Laptop 7th generation armed with Qualcomm’s X Elite SoCs is going directly against the M3 MacBook from Apple. So, could Copilot Plus PCs change the market in a fundamental way that might lead to Microsoft challenging Apple’s ARM dominance? But enough of that, let’s get back into comparing the Surface Laptop 7 and MacBook Air M3.

Surface Laptop 7

Surface Laptop 7 vs MacBook Air M3

Display and Build Quality

As premium laptops, both the Surface Laptop 7 and MacBook Air feature aluminum chassis. Apple is keen to remind everyone that its MacBook is chiseled from a single piece of aluminum but we’re having trouble finding reliable info on the build of the latest Surface Laptop. A decent build quality is expected, despite what the current Surface models are just like. The Surface Laptop 7 screen size clocks in at an even larger 13.8 inches than the MacBook Air’s 13-inch. The MacBook Air’s higher-resolution display and taller aspect ratios don’t have the same level of brightness or refresh rate as the Surface Laptop.

image 19 83 jpg Surface Laptop 7 vs. MacBook Air M3: Choosing Your Next Laptop


It also features a USB 4 / Thunderbolt Type-C port, an additional one for USB-A 3.1, and a microSD card reader which is much more versatile when compared to the MacBook Air’s two Type-C USB 4 ports, a MagSafe 3 port for charging, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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Audio and Microphone

The Surface Laptop has Omnisonic Speakers tuned with Dolby Atmos paired with Dual Studio Mics. The MacBook Air gets a six‑speaker sound system and three-microphone array which offers better audio quality.

image 19 84 jpg Surface Laptop 7 vs. MacBook Air M3: Choosing Your Next Laptop


Powered by Snapdragon X Elite chipsets, Microsoft states the Surface Laptop is 58% faster than an M3 MacBook Air. Yeah, the first benchmarks seem to tell a different story. Apple’s efficiency is remarkable. Even with these impressive specs, the M3 MacBook Air remains fanless and manages to show surprisingly good performance differences.

Battery Life and Charging

image 19 85 jpg Surface Laptop 7 vs. MacBook Air M3: Choosing Your Next Laptop

Microsoft promises 20 hours of battery life for the 13.8-inch Surface Laptop and 22 hours of battery life for the 15-inch model, while 18 hours of battery life is expected on both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air. While the Surface Laptop may offer faster initial charging, the M3 MacBook Air supports faster charging with compatible adapters.

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  1. What sets ARM-based laptops apart from traditional models like the Surface Laptop 7?

    ARM-based laptops, including the Surface Laptop 7, offer enhanced power efficiency, performance, and connectivity compared to traditional x86 laptops, thanks to their ARM processors and optimized software.

  2. How do the Surface Laptop 7 and MacBook Air M3 differ in performance and user experience?

    The Surface Laptop 7 and MacBook Air M3 offer distinct performance and user experiences due to factors like processor architecture, operating system optimization, and display quality. Users should consider their specific needs and usage scenarios when choosing between them.


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