Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Nvidia to focus more on the production of the RTX 30 series given the GPU crisis

The global supply of Graphics cards has gone extremely down, and the manufacturers are doing their best to keep up the supply to meet the demand. However, now the leading brand in the GPU market, NVIDIA, has sent an internal notice to board partners (AICs) that it will be limiting the supply of GeForce RTX 2060 graphics cards this month.

It is worth mentioning that NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2060 is still a very popular series. During the launch of the RTX 30 series, the company allegedly increased the production of the RTX 2060.

When RTX 30 series launched, NVIDIA attempted to increase the production of this Turing model due to its production cost. According to sources, Nvidia stated that, unlike the RTX 2060 SUPER, the RTX 30 series features TU106 GPU, which is smaller and cheaper to make. And the idea of limiting the production of the series is indeed a good idea to tackle the global GPU shortage.


According to sources, in its internal notice on Board Channels forums, the company allegedly stated that it would be limiting the supply of the RTX 2060 model starting this month. NVIDIA stated that it would be majorly focusing its production capacity on RTX 30 series.

Analysts assume that the reason behind Nvidia’s sudden shift is that the TU106 is made by TSMC, while RTX 30 series GPUs are made by Samsung. However, there is a huge difference between the production capacity of the whole supply chain, including GPUs, components, and memory bundles. And owing to the current global shortage of the GPU’s both the company’s are suffering from this crisis; however, TSMC is the busiest chip manufacturer in the world.

Hopefully that the launch of a Lite Hash Rate model this month combined with the recent announcement of the Cryptominig Processor (CMP) series, will decrease the interest in the GeForce RTX series from miners. This will hopefully decrease the increasing shortage of GPUs.


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